Off Balance

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Nightmares are plaguing me.

I wake up smelling sulfur, feeling my skin burning, knowing that I’m burning to death on the surface of Abaddon, but I’m not. I’m on Sel’Ani, my father’s home planet. I’m alive and using my true name and finally free to be myself. And yet, I’m completely falling apart.

Every time I wake up screaming, Lorne is there. I don’t understand how he knows when I need him, but he does, and even if I can’t say the words aloud, I’m so thankful that he’s there. Because I wouldn’t survive this without him.

It’s not just my nightmares and exhaustion and trauma making this hard.

I thought escaping Earth, Abaddon, and SpaceTech would mean I was safe, but I’m not. The Aunare don’t want me here, mostly because if I’m here that means my betrothal to the heir to the Aunare High Throne is back on. I would call it off, but I can’t seem to make myself say the words because Lorne is the heir.

Everything in me is drawn to Lorne, the man that haunted my dreams, the man that lures me in with his every look, the man that I can’t seem to get away from because everywhere I go, every time I need him, he’s there.

Lorne makes me forget that the Aunare hate me enough to send assassins to kill me.

I can’t resist him. Lorne makes me think that everything is possible, that I will be okay, that I should just say yes to him. Because being with him means that I will eventually become the High Queen of the Aunare, and I’m not sure I can do that job. I’m not sure I should.

Because the Aunare hate me for being a half-Earther, and I’m just one more assassination attempt away from being dead.

From Aileen Erin, the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Alpha Girl series, comes an epic adventure in space: The Aunare Chronicles!

Book1: Off Planet
Book 2: Off Balance
Book 3: In Command (an eBook Novella)
Book 4: On Mission
Book 5: On Destiny

"Off Balance is a rollercoaster ride with love, lots of emotion, character development and daring action.... Anyone who enjoys a book written by Maria V. Snyder or Kristin Cashore will devour her books. I don't read sci-fi often…but Off Balance took my breath away." - Book Dragon

"She always catches me off guard with how powerful her books end!...If you’re looking for romance, action, and sci-fi, check out this series!" - Reviews by Lenniland

"I'm dying for the next one." - Amy, FWISD

Young Adult
February 11
Ink Monster, LLC
INscribe Digital

Customer Reviews

JaeBirt ,

Unputdownable and I loved every second!

This book was unputdownable. I was transported to the world of Amihanna and Lorne so easily. Aileen’s writing just pulled me in and gripped me tight. I just had to have one more chapter, had to find out what happened next.

Parts of this story made me laugh (Roan & Ami together always leads to a chuckle), parts made me swoon (the way Lorne looks at Ami, the way she just ‘reacts’ to his presence/voice, the more we get now that they are in the same location) and then there were the tears (the emotional aftermath of Ami’s traumatic experiences growing up and in Off Planet). This book took me on a rollercoaster of feelings and I loved every second of it.

Thank you Aileen so much for bringing this story to the world. I will probably read it several times this year before the next book comes out. And then an infinite number of times into the future.

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