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"This is the good old Dorothy Sayers/John Dickson Carr school of homicide with civilized people doing what civilized people do best: dispatching each other." —Los Angeles Times

"Bill Kienzle does have a way with a tale. And a nifty way of mixing Church dogma and gossip into the plot." —New York Daily News

"Each Kienzle novel seems to top the last. As we have said before, give us this day our daily Kienzle." —West Coast Review of Books

From William X. Kienzle, author of the classic mystery, The Rosary Murders.

Auto executive Frank Hoffman is on his way up at The Company. Someone would like him out of the way—permanently. Father Robert Koesler discovers at least four people who would benefit personally and professionally from Hoffman's death, but can he pinpoint the villain before it's too late? Mystery writer William X. Kienzle take his Father Koesler beyond the church walls into the boardrooms and back rooms of big business. There Koesler finds out more than he cares to know of the machinations of ambitious executives striving to reach the top at The Company. But is ambition the motive for attempted murder?

In Kill and Tell, Kienzle's sixth book featuring Father Koesler, the two have become as inseparable as Agatha Christie and Miss Marple. Here we meet once again our old friend Walter Koznicki and are introduced to a new cast of characters, drawn no less finely, and revolving around auto executive Frank Hoffman.

It's up to Father Koesler to discover the "who" and "why," which he does with a startling understanding of the personalities involved.

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January 1
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Andrews McMeel Publishing

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