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"A nice, tidy mystery . . . with characters who are plausible, intelligent, about whom we can care and with whom we might even empathize."—West Coast Review of Books

"This tale should once again entertain the many fans of Kienzle's sleuth, Father Robert Koesler."  —Booklist

When Father Koesler agreed to serve as consultant at a mystery writers' conference, he—and the students—get more than they bargained for: a real murder mystery.

Marygrove College's choice of the Reverend Klaus Krieg as the featured speaker at its conference was no surprise. The popular televangelist and publisher of sleaze was sure to draw a crowd. The real mystery was the choice of the other speakers—a rabbi, a nun, a monk, and an Episcopal priest—all successful mystery writers with another thing in common: They hated Krieg. Father Koesler's misgivings about serving as consultant to the conference were heightened when the speakers gathered without Reverend Krieg. Although they had never met each other, the speakers were remarkably rancorous about the absent guest. In fact, in one way or another, all of them said they would like to kill him.

Was it any wonder, then, that when a murder too place suspicion should center on the speakers? Father Koesler was loath to believe that any of these people, all religious, could commit such a deed, but he felt obliged to call on Detroit Homicide's best detective, Alonzo "Zoo" Tully, and his old friend Inspector Walter Koznicki.

In this eleventh Father Koesler mystery, secrets of the human heart, which may elude professionals, are the province of the priest and the solution to the mystery.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 18
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Andrews McMeel Publishing

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