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The #1 national bestseller—now in paperback!

Can a company be cool, socially responsible and still make money?

Welcome to the Looptail. This is the extraordinary true story of Bruce Poon Tip and how he honed his entrepreneurial instincts to create G Adventures, the world’s most successful adventure travel company. Based in Canada, G Adventures operates in more than 100 countries, on all seven continents, and serves more than 100,000 customers every year. In this unique first-person account, Poon Tip reveals his unusual management secrets that allowed him to keep growing his company, his employees fully engaged and energized, and his customers extremely happy.

It’s all pretty amazing for a guy who started the company in 1990 by maxing out a few of his credit cards to finance the start-up. Poon Tip has worked tirelessly to ensure that his company generates good karma for everyone; that is, that “giving back” in life and in business is all about the cycle of the Looptail. Poon Tip has created an entirely new and refreshing approach to management. For example, there is no traditional CEO at G Adventures—instead, every employee is a CEO, empowered to make instantaneous decisions to help serve clients on the spot. But while there’s no CEO, there is a company Mayor who takes the daily pulse of corporate morale. There’s no HR department, but there is a Talent Agency and company Culture Club.

This is a singularly stunning story of why community, culture and karma matter in business, and how one man’s desire to do the right thing and generate profits can be blended into a win-win for all involved.

Business & Personal Finance
September 17
HarperCollins Publishers
Harper Collins Canada Limited

Customer Reviews

Crazy lady from the mountain ,


I could not put this book down. I certainly understand why it took so long to tell this story...your ending was fantastic! Wishing you continued success. Thanks for giving me some insight into your vision. I have accumulated over a year of travel with G Adventures, feeling the movement but not understanding the vastness of it. Looking forward to the next adventure to Indochina.

WBM2000 ,

Just like his talks...fun and inspiring!

Bruce has done a great job of weaving a really engaging story into his business philosophy. It reads like a novel, a lesson on business, and a philosophical discussion all at the same time. If you've been looking for a way to reconcile the pursuit of happiness life with proven business approaches, then I highly recommend checking this out.

Serialtoon ,

I found it hard to put this book down!

Business books are not supposed to be page turners but I really found it hard to put this book down! Bruce's persistence to see his vision not only become a reality but to thrive and revolutionize the travel industry is a real testament to his character and upbringing. For those who have seen him speak before, this book reads as he talks and is complimented with interesting stories and comedic outbursts that had me cracking a smirk throughout.

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