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This Math Book and its companion Math Book - How to Solve Each Problem contain six complete weeks of the 30 week program to show anyone how to independently learn the most essential facts and concepts to prepare for Algebra 1: 8 KEY FACTS ON FRACTIONS----FRACTIONS=DECIMALS=PERCENTS----ALL ABOUT ADDING & SUBTRACTING POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE NUMBERS----ALL ABOUT MULTIPLYING & DIVIDING POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE NUMBERS---ALL ABOUT STANDARD MEASUREMENTS----ALL ABOUT LINEAR EQUATIONS


     Discover how to understand everything you need to know about BASIC MATH. See HOW TO DO each of the 100 related problems of the week in this book. Understand HOW TO SOLVE every problem one step at a time by using the supplementary book. Enjoy a creative activity related to these math skills one day each week in this book. Become truly competent by agreeing to complete all problems correctly on the WEEKLY TOPIC for these 30 weeks with IT, your Invisible Tutor, guiding you each day. Choose from a VARIETY of 6 TESTS per WEEK (25 to 30 fill in the blank questions that  provide room to show all work) each Friday to see your strengths and weaknesses. Check and correct any mistakes using HOW TO SOLVE TEST ANSWERS found in the supplementary book. Take this opportunity to learn all you need to know to begin ALGEBRA I by mastering these clear, easy to follow techniques. 

     ATTENTION: For anyone who is struggling with basic math or wants to discover the value of numbers, please read my fantasy novel called The Search For Infinity. This free 290 page e-book was written for parents or kindergarten-1st grade teachers to read to young children. This instructional epic novel allows readers to discover patterns logically as Whysir, a bear cub, searches for his beloved caretaker, Infinity, a flying horse. Everyone will see unique and easy to understand ways to master the BASIC FACTS OF ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION. Actual lessons and suggested activities are included. See how the joy of learning and the hopes and dreams of mankind are woven together to enhance our learning experience. 


     THERE'S MORE: Then see all the truly effective ways to independently gain a quality education by trying other 30 week subjects:  SPELLING Grades 1-4, VOCABULARY Grades 5-9, READING COMPREHENSION Grades 1-8+, WRITING Grades 1-8+ and more using The Growing Whys•er with My Invisible Tutor Learning Program.

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December 30
Carolyn Wells Rhazi (MyInvisibleTutor)
Carolyn Rhazi

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