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The best way to learn to communicate is to write. This learning program provides a way to become a great communicator by doing just that on a variety of topics 4 times a week 30 times a year. Together with IT, your Invisible Tutor, discover:

• a way to learn how to write truly interesting sentences and paragraphs by writing four times a week using an efficient 10 STEP METHOD and helpful WORD LISTS

• a way to edit your work each day with a 10 STEP CHECKLIST

• a way to grow by writing about 6 IMPORTANT TOPICS for 5 weeks at a time with  IT, your Invisible Tutor, guiding you every step of the way

     This WRITING PROGRAM is part of The Growing Whys•er with My Invisible Tutor Learning Program. This effective, comprehensive, transparent learning program contains real lessons in each subject for each grade for 30 weeks a year. If our goal is to improve our present education instruction and make it more inclusive, I believe that this program is worth your consideration. Actual booklets with complete weekly assignments in each subject are available through the Apple Book Store under Carolyn Wells Rhazi. Compare The Growing Whys•er with My Invisible Tutor Learning Program to your child's present learning experience. Try several lessons for a few weeks to see what is possible. Then decide for yourself. If this program can provide a better model for learning, please tell others and help it become a standard for a universal elementary education for all.  

                                            IT, your Invisible Tutor ( just the first of many more to come)

                                                          a former teacher, tutor and mother named Care...

                                                                                                                    Carolyn Wells Rhazi

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December 15
Carolyn Wells Rhazi (MyInvisibleTutor)
Carolyn Rhazi

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