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In Book-1 of this adventure-thriller series, you’ll join Dr Will Ryan in the life-and-death struggles he and his Dream Team face during missions around the world. Their Agency, The Five Pillars of The Red Ring, is a US government agency even Congress doesn't know about!
Follow Dr Will Ryan as he leads Seal Team 6-like covert operatives to accomplish the impossible in any place on the planet. The Agency's secret weapon is their very own militia led by General Edgar Maldonado Ramirez, a military leader worth his weight in gold!
Read the incredible impossible--how President Lincoln sanctioned this agency 150 years ago when it was customary to keep things from Congress to get pet projects completed. Because of his untimely assassination, no branch of government to date is aware of this agency.
Based on real-life events, you feel a part of each mission as the Dream Team battles an adversary dedicated to bring-down the Agency. You'll meet covert operatives skilled in the use of cutting edge military equipment--with no reservations against using that raw power to follow their General's orders to create pure shock and awe!
While tangled in one mission, Dr Will Ryan is summoned to stop radical Middle Eastern terrorists from detonating a suitcase nuke in Denver as hateful retribution for US intervention in that oil rich region.
You'll accompany Dr Will Ryan on a 7200 foot climb into the Grand Canyon on a mission that took the life of his close friend. How could Dr Will Ryan toss his close friend Steve from the rim of the Grand Canyon creating a grizzly burial tomb 7200 feet below--just to save his own life? Turns out, any one of us would have done the same thing. You'll soon be a part of decisions far worse.
Each mission is wildly different. You'll be side-by-side with Dr. Will Ryan, the Dream Team and General Ramirez on missions in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Arizona and the wilds of Alaska. You meet the cultures in each country and learn that even a dream-like resort community in rustic New Hampshire is not without a brush with death for Dr Will Ryan as he struggles to serve his country. Read the incredible story of that resort experience that leads to a re-birth of both Dr Will Ryan and the Agency itself.
Feel the real-life stories of the family lives of these covert operatives as they deal with the horrors of what they have to do day after day in all parts of the globe, then return home to deal with their family lives. They all want to tell their story but they can't--until now. This is a story you need to know. The world needs to know the real truth.
What about the real “behind the scenes” lives that all agents need to live in order to maintain their sanity while away from home facing capture and death every day? Read how Krissie, a pole-dancer from an exclusive-elite escorts' club on 8-Mile Avenue in Detroit, casts her magical spells on strung-out agents--privileged clients, turning the second floor of the club into customized individual Star Trek Hollow-deck dream-world experiences!
You will intimately get to know the characters in the book--all of whom deal in both the good, the bad and the ugly--ecstasy and nightmare both. Sex, Lies, and Videotape, as the movie title goes, it's all here in its sordid, uncensored details that make the book 50 Shades of Gray read like a grade school primer!
You'll learn how the Agency aims to re-form our very culture 100s of years hence just as Gene Roddenberry predicted. You'll experience just enough humor in the book to contrast what is too dark to deal with without that form of sedative.
This is just the beginning of your journey to become a dedicated fan of the Agency and Dr Will Ryan!

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 22
Dr T William Hefferan
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