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You want to drop that extra weight you gained when you concentrated on your kids, or quit smoking. You want to look and feel younger no matter what your age. You want easy ways to reduce your back and neck pain.

STAYING YOUNG will give you easy tips and inexpensive techniques to do just that.

This book makes it easy to look and feel younger without spending hours, or giving up your favorite cocktail, or hamburger.

STAYING YOUNG offers tiny changes that are easy, take a moment or two and bonus—are inexpensive. Tips to lose weight (the author just lost over twenty-five pounds using these very tips.) A stretch for your tight shoulders. Simple ways to decrease neck and lower back pain. Reminders how to regain youthful posture and movement.


STAYING YOUNG is a tool for those of us who, no matter what age we clock in at, choose to lose the back pain, ditch some pounds, feel better, and look younger. This self-help book is filled with easy tips and techniques that include clearly-written descriptions and photos that will help you look and feel better.


For thirty plus years, Pamela DuMond, Chiropractor, has worked on the various body parts of the rich and famous, as well as the rest of us normal folks. She’s treated members of the Chicago Bears and other celebrity athletes. She’s worked with actors, movie producers, studio heads and rock stars. She’s treated people on TV sets, on breaks between filming, theatrical musical productions, and behind the scenes during rock concerts.

Lose weight. Feel great. Age-proof yourself!

Health, Mind & Body
September 30
Pamela DuMond
Pamela DuMond

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