Tall, Dark and Charming Tall, Dark and Charming
Book 1 - Tall, Dark and Sexy Series

Tall, Dark and Charming

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He’s the kind of guy her mother warned her about. Tall, dark, Charismatic as hell, and her boss.

Aiden Stone doesn’t do commitments. All he’s ever seen love do is break hearts and tear families part. Specifically, his family. The only thing he’s willing to commit to one hundred percent is his career. No risk of failure there . . . except for daily temptation in the form of a very sexy and off-limits co-worker.

Daisy Parker is beginning to believe that being a good girl is over-rated. So, when an overnight business trip gives her a chance to spend a smoking hot night with the super sexy man she’s been crushing on the last three years, she breaks all her own rules.

Being bad feels awfully good, but they agree it’s a one-time fling. That an office workplace romance would be way too complicated. They’re both determined to go back to business as usual.

Until Daisy speaks four little words Aiden was never prepared to hear . . . I’m having your baby.

June 5
Erika Wilde
Janelle Denison, Inc..

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

quick, light hearted and entertaining

TALL, DARK AND CHARMING is the first instalment in Erika Wilde’s contemporary, adult TALL, DARK AND SEXY erotic, romance series focusing on the Stone siblings (Aiden, Leo, Dylan). This is thirty two year old Director of Sales and Marketing for Roth Owens Agency Aiden Stone, and website designer Daisy Parker’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Aiden and Daisy) TALL, DARK AND CHARMING follows the building relationship between co-workers Aiden Stone, and Daisy Parker. Several months earlier one-night of glorious, no-strings attached sex while on assignment in San Francisco resulted in an unplanned pregnancy for our leading couple. Fast forward to present day wherein Daisy is willing to go it alone but Aiden has other plans for the mother of his child. What ensues is the building romance and love between Aiden and Daisy, and the potential fall-out as Daisy refuses to accept help from the man with whom she is falling in love.

Daisy grew up never knowing or having met the man her mother claims to be her father; Aiden watched as his family was ripped apart when his father had an affair, and in this our leading couple struggle with memories from the past. Daisy is an independent, successful young woman whose inner vixen is hidden behind classic business suits and a stoic hair bun but her last relationship left our heroine with issues of trust. Aiden is a handsome, sexy man who doesn’t do relationships, or believe in a happily ever after but a man who is both tender and passionate, provocative and sassy.

The relationship between Aiden and Daisy begins as a one-night stand. Their attraction to one another is palpable but both agreed to never let their personal life interfere with their business and ability to work together. Daisy’s unexpected pregnancy is a shock to them both but Aiden is willing to step up and be the father to their child, that neither one ever had. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic. There are some scenes of light spanking.

The colorful secondary and supporting characters include Aiden’s brothers Leo and app designer Dylan, as well as their supportive and loving mother Felicia Stone; Daisy’s long suffering mother Diane Parker; and Sabrina, our couple’s accommodating boss at the Roth Owens Agency. Leo’s story is next in Tall, Dark and Sexy.

TALL, DARK AND CHARMING is an enjoyable, delightful and refreshing story line in that our couple accept responsibility without accusations and finger pointing, or placing the blame for what happened or why. The premise is heart warming and inspiring; the characters are strong, spirited and flirty; the romance is seductive, erotic and intense. TALL, DARK AND CHARMING is a quick, light-hearted, entertaining and satisfying read.

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