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Israeli Military Intelligence agents Eytan Eckstein and Benni Baum are summoned once more to undertake a mission that could be their last. A defecting Czech spy claims to know the identity of a mole within Israel’s top secret nuclear program, but he has fled to Africa and will only turn over the information if a string of his demands are met. Thus begins “Operation Sorcerer,” a quest to extricate the Czech spy, rescue a throng of desperate refugees, and survive the onslaught of Africa warlords determined to destroy the Israeli heroes.

Steven Hartov was born in the United States and educated at Boston University. After serving in the U.S. Military Sealift Command, he emigrated to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces parachute corps and Military Intelligence special operations. He is the author of the espionage trilogy, “The Heat of Ramadan,” “The Nylon Hand of God,” and “The Devil’s Shepherd,” and co-author of the New York Times best seller “In the Company of Heroes” and “The Night Stalkers.” For six years, Hartov helmed “Special Operations Report”as Editor-in-Chief. He currently serves as a Task Force commander in the New York Guard and is writing a new novel.

Readers held in suspense throughout this galloping plot will end with their nails in their mouths, awaiting the next installment.
-Kirkus Reviews

A superb thriller with brains and heart. . . . an electrifying and brilliantly paced book.
-Detroit Free Press

Bursting at the seams with action and intrigue, Hartov’s thriller also boasts great characters… “The Devil’s Shepherd” mixes lessons in world politics with martial arts know-how and intelligence savvy so adroitly that readers will be enjoying themselves too much to realize they may have learned something.
- Missouri Journal Sentinael

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March 4
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