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The Renaissance was indeed a curious historical phenomenon. Scholarly works dedicated to the subject romanticize the rebirth of European civilization following the dark and dire Middle Ages. The Renaissance was the bridge into the modern era.

During this same period, the discovery of novi orbis, the New World, was a magnificent feat of navigation made possible by human ingenuity and the early mapmakers. Interestingly the intellectual awakening and curiosity drove a critical part of civilization into a new era.

Today another Renaissance is creating a bridge into a new era. Moreover, like its historical antecedents, we are in need of new insight and new maps to guide us through a world - a new world if you will of transition and transformation.

The transition and transformation is occurring in the concourse of work, our workforce, and the workplace – the so-called workscape. Arguably, the workscape is becoming more collaborative, contentious, and chaotic. The result is signaling some concern over the direction and speed at which change is occurring and what transformations will be required.

The genesis of a workscape Renaissance is still a groundswell of trends and subtle changes, but the effects are becoming more overt and obvious. There are several change agents, factors if you will, operating in the background. Likewise, there are a host of precipitating factors and catalysts bringing dramatic changes to our doorstep.

The outfall of these agents of change has been the trend toward more efficient, leaner workforces – doing more with less. These change agents have marginalized skills, changed markets, and most assuredly targeted aspects of the workforce for extinction. It has started an irreversible, dangerous trend.

This trend has shattered the model of the lifelong career at a single company and placed the larger burden of career planning and continuous education on the worker. Why is this important? It is important because your job, your career, and your ability to pursue your calling may be in jeopardy.

Workscape Renaissance examines eight fundamental transformations required for contemporary professional practice. The transformations ‘blends’ and ‘borrows’ unapologetically across disciplinary boundaries. Thus readers are encouraged to contemplate these vignettes and develop their own ‘blends’ and perspectives.

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July 19
Steven Price
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