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As a member of Walker Security, Adrian Ramos has found redemption for a walk on the dark side. For six years the former FBI agent was undercover in the notorious Texas Kings biker club. For six years he changed, he became one of them and when the bust happened, he didn't know who he was anymore. On a hitlist with a price on his head he disappeared and joined Walk Security, but now, the trial is set to start and witnesses are dropping like flies. 

Assistant District Attorney, Priscilla Miller is tasked with the conviction of The King himself, and she's passionate about taking him down, but her case is falling apart. She's also in trouble, and while she resists Adrian, the sexy ex-FBI agent with a killer reputation, and his team at Walker Security are her answer, in more ways than one.

He touches her, she melts.

He shields her, she survives.

But everything is not as it seems. Friends are enemies. Secrets are really lies. And the one time in his life Adrian lets his heart do the thinking, passion might just be deadly.

When He's Dirty is the first book in Adrian's trilogy.

Book two: When He's Bad

Book three: When He's Wild

October 27
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

4.25stars-dramatic and intriguing

4.25 stars--WHEN HE’S DIRTY is the first instalment in Lisa Renee Jones’ contemporary, adult WALKER SECURITY: ADRIAN erotic, romantic suspense trilogy focusing on former undercover FBI Agent and Walker Security specialist Adrian Mack aka Ramos and ADA Priscilla Miller. WHEN HE’S DIRTY can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments and connecting series is revealed where necessary. Several characters cross-over for cohesion and familiarity.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Adrian and Priscilla) WHEN HE’S DIRTY follows Adrian Mack, in the weeks prior to the testifying against the Texas Kings biker club, a club in which he was undercover for close to two years. Assistant District Attorney Priscilla Miller has been assigned the case against Nick Waters aka The King Devil but with the witnesses and people who will be testifying dying or disappearing, Priscilla is desperate to get Adrian Mack on her side. Unaware as to the true extent of Adrian’s sins while working alongside the ultimate evil, Priscilla is willing to offer complete immunity in exchange for his eye-witness testimony. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Adrian and Priscilla, and the potential fall-out as our couple are unable to trust the people involved including the DA, the FBI, and any number of assistants and attorneys who may or may not have already been compromised.

The relationship between Priscilla and Adrian begins as a lie when Adrian presents himself as someone else. Not willing to go agree to testify until his team at Walker Security has completely vetted and investigated our story line heroine, Adrian begins a slow seduction of the woman with whom he has pledged to protect with his life. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

WHEN HE’S DIRTY has a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Blake Walker from Walker Security; Rick Savage (The Savage Trilogy); a well as Walker Security agents and former members of SEAL Team six- Lucifer, Lucas, Asher and Adam; District Attorney Ed Melbourn , FBI Agent Kirk Pitt, ADAs Cindy, Grace; Priscilla’s ex fiancé Logan Michaels; Nick Waters and his right-hand man Jose Deleon.

WHEN HE’S DIRTY is a story of murder and corruption; sins and secrets; relationships and friendships; trust and lies. The fast paced and character driven premise is dramatic, intriguing and inviting ; the characters are animated, intelligent and spirited; the romance is intimate, provocative and seductive. WHEN HE’S DIRTY ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned.

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