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Lunette Marsden is a gifted healer but falling for a spy could leave her with a broken heart. 

The Earl of Densmore and his younger brother, Mr. Denham, are guests of Selbourne Castle for a house party honoring Luna and her sisters. But the brothers are up to something mysterious. When Luna discovers the earl is injured, she insists on treating his wound. She secretly tends to him in his room masking her attraction to him as best as she can. But the more she comes to know him, the more her scientific mind gives way to the desires of her heart.

All his life Callen has tried to do the right thing—usually because his brother was always doing the wrong thing. As the future Earl of Densmore, his parents relied on him to be the leader, the good influence, which put him at odds with his brother and caused no shortage of animosity between them. But now Callen is preparing to make the biggest sacrifice of all by leaving his home, his country, and his one chance at love to save Theo from the hangman. 

And he doesn’t want to do it. 

Luna Marsden not only healed the bullet wound in his side with her tender mercy, she awoke something in him that made leaving her, and the growing desire between them, impossible. Choosing between his damned brother and Luna should be easy, but he’d spent his life protecting his brother and turning his back now meant Theo’s death. 

Luna doesn’t want to stand between two brothers who need each other more than they realize. But Mr. Denham threatens everything she holds dear. She must find a way to save a man who doesn’t want to be saved or lose the love of her life.

The Secrets of the Sixth Night is the 6th book in Dayna Quince’s Regency Romance series, The Northumberland Nine.

If you like charming rogues and fast-paced Regency romance with sizzle and emotion, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s new novel.

27. Juni
Red Rose Press

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