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Howard Phillips Lovecraft known as H.P. Lovecraft was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. Virtually unknown and only published in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre. 

The UAPA reinvigorated Lovecraft and incited him to contribute many poems and essays; in 1916 his first published story, The Alchemist, appeared in the United Amateur. The earliest commercially published work came in 1922, when he was aged thirty-one. By this time he had begun to build what became a huge network of correspondents. Many former aspiring authors later paid tribute to his mentoring and encouragement through the correspondence. Throughout his life, selling stories and paid literary work for others did not provide enough to cover Lovecraft's basic expenses. Living frugally, he subsisted on an inheritance that had almost gone in his last years, by which time he sometimes went without food to afford the cost of mailing letters. He was forced to move to smaller and meaner lodgings with his surviving aunt. He was also deeply affected by the suicide of his correspondent Robert E. Howard. In 1936, Lovecraft was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine, and as a result he suffered from malnutrition. He lived in constant pain until his death on March 15, 1937, in Providence.

This book includes collection of 158 Titles.

  01: The Alchemist

  02: At the Mountains of Madness

  03: Azathoth

  04: The Battle that Ended the Century

  05: The Beast in the Cave

  06: Beyond the Wall of Sleep

  07: The 

  08: The Call of Cthulhu

  09: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

  10: The Cats of Ulthar

  11: Celephaïs

  12: The Challenge from Beyond

  13: Collapsing Cosmoses

  14: The Colour Out of Space

  15: Cool Air

  16: The Crawling Chaos

  17: The Curse of Yig

  18: Dagon

  19: The Descendant

  20: The Diary of Alonzo Typer

  21: The Disinterment

  22: The Doom That Came to Sarnath

  23: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

  24: The Dreams in the Witch House

  25: The Dunwich Horror

  26: The Electric Executioner

  27: The Evil Clergyman

  28: Ex Oblivione

  29: Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family

  30: The Festival

  31: From Beyond

  32: The Green Meadow

  33: The Haunter of the Dark

  34: He

  35: Herbert West – Reanimator

  36: History of the Necronomicon

  37: The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast

  38: The Horror at Martin’s Beach

  39: The Horror at Red Hook

  40: The Horror in the Burying-Ground

  41: The Horror in the Museum

  42: The Hound

  43: Hypnos

  44: Ibid

  45: In the Vault

  46: Within the Walls of Eryx

  47: The Last Test

  48: The Little Glass Bottle

  49: The Lurking Fear

  50: The Man of Stone

  51: Medusa’s Coil

  52: Memory

  53: The Moon-Bog

  54: The Mound

  55: The Music of Erich Zann

  56: The Mysterious Ship

  57: The Mystery of the Grave-Yard

  58: The Nameless City

  59: The Night Ocean

  60: Nyarlathotep

  61: Old Bugs

  62: The Other Gods

  63: Out of the Aeons

  64: The Outsider

  65: Pickman’s Model

  66: The Picture in the House

  67: Poetry and the Gods

  68: Polaris

  69: The Quest of Iranon

  70: The Rats in the Walls

  71: A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson

  72: The Secret Cave or John Lees Adventure

  73: The Shadow Out of Time

  74: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

  75: The Shunned House

  76: The Silver Key

  77: The Statement of Randolph Carter

  78: The Strange High House in the Mist

  79: The Street

  80: Sweet Ermengarde

  81: The Temple

  82: The Terrible Old Man

  83: The Thing in the Moonlight

  84: The Thing on the Doorstep

  85: Through the Gates of the Silver Key

  86: Till A’ the Seas

  87: The Tomb

  88: The Transition of Juan Romero

  89: The Trap

  90: The Tree

  91: The Tree on the Hill

  92: Two Black Bottles

  93: Under the Pyramids

  94: The Unnamable

  95: The Very Old Folk

  96: What the Moon Brings

  97: The Whisperer in Darkness

  98: The White Ship

  99: Winged Death


  100: An American to Mother England

  101: The Ancient Track

  102: Arcadia

  103: Astrophobos

  104: The Cats

  105: Christmas

  106: Christmas Blessings

  107: Good Saint Nick

  108: Little Tiger

  109: Egyptian Christmas

  110: Christmas Snows

  111: St. John

  112: Halcyon Days

  113: The City

  114: The Conscript

  115: Dead Passion’s Flame

  116: Despair

  117: Fact and Fancy

  118: Festival

  119: Fungi From Yuggoth

  120: The Garden

  121: Hallowe’en in a Suburb

  122: The House

  123: Where Once Poe Walked

  124: Laeta; A Lament

  125: Life’s Mystery

  126: Lines on Gen. Robert Edward Lee

  127: The Messenger

  128: Nathicana

  129: Nemesis

  130: The Nightmare Lake

  131: Ode for July Fourth, 1917

  132: On Reading Lord Dunsany’s   of Wonder

  133: On Receiving a Picture of Swans

  134: The Outpost

  135: Pacifist War Song—1917

  136: The Peace Advocate

  137: The Poe-et’s Nightmares

  138: Poemata Minora, Volume II

  139: Providence

  140: Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme

  141: Revelation

  142: The Rose of England

  143: Sunset

  144: To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., upon His Phantastick Tales, Verses, Pictures, and Sculptures

  145: To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany

  146: The Bride of the Sea

  147: Waste Paper

  148: The Wood


  149: The Allowable Rhyme

  150: At the Root

  151: Cats and Dogs

  152: The Despised Pastoral

  153: Literary Composition

  154: Metrical Regularity

  155: Notes on Writing Weird Fiction

  156: Supernatural Horror in Literature


  157: Letter to the Gallomo, December 11, 1919

  158: Letter to Clark Ashton Smith, 27 November 1927

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