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The Only Exercise You Will Ever Need for Excellent Balance

Could your balance be improved? Did you know that your balance aligns you with your body strength? This means that by building your core and learning to perform a correct handstand you can significantly increase your balance.

Grant Michaels's book on how to perform a handstand is much more than it seems. It really is about teaching you to build your core and upper body strength in order to achieve a better balance, but it will also help you to build your core. 

Also, if you plan on being in top physical shape, balance is something very important to think about. Without getting this down, your overall body strength will never reach its best possible level.

Are Handstands Actually an Important Exercise?

It may seem like a pointless exercise, but mastering the handstand really does a lot for your body. The number one reason to master this skill is to gain better balance. However, learning to do a handstand also increases muscle strength in the following areas:

Shoulders and Surrounding Muscles,
Upper Back Muscles,
and Your Abdominals.

While obtaining a better control of your balance is a very good reason to start out learning to do a handstand, strengthening your overall upper body is a great reason to continue. Believe it or not learning to do a handstand also impacts your health. Many people that practice Yoga love this exact position for its anti-gravity effects on the body, and this also benefits several other areas of the body including helping. . . 

To relieve minor headaches,
Improve digestion and elimination,
Relieve irregularity,
& Improve bone density.

How Will This Book Help You Master the Handstand?

Michaels has broken this book up into three different steps. The goal is to breakdown how to position yourself into a handstand and to also build up the strength and endurance needed to not only lift yourself upside down, but also keep your body in a still and straight line.

Step 1: In this step Michaels will give you a workout that will strengthen your upper body and build your endurance.
Step 2: Next, he will teach you how to do the basics of a handstand until you are eventually able to hold yourself up.
Step 3: Michaels finishes his book by teaching how to safely perform a handstand and then come out of it.

So What Do You Have to Lose?

There are definite benefits to learning how to perform a handstand. When you develop this skill it has many benefits. It works as a way of calming yourself and aligning your body. It also works to increase the strength that you possess in your upper core. Your body only has positive outcomes to gain for completing Grant Michaels's How to Do a Handstand book. Once you get to the end it is safe to say this book will not be stored out of sight because this easy guide is the only handstand workout you will ever need.

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15. November
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