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Mickey’s PUNCTUATION - Red, White & Blue helps people around the globe, who write in English, to master an individual “writing style.” As proved in RW&B, style is a matter of preference and consistency because there are many styles in the real world of written communication. Most of them (the important ones) are contained in this smart, professional book.

Style, in most cases, emanates from the writer’s education, character, and personality. RW&B attempts to offer a vision of style by commenting on other important written works, such as educational books, nonfiction books, newspapers, and magazines. Mickey has made an enormous effort to present those styles for your learning benefit. Take advantage of his effort. Learn a style that helps you.

Writing is the classic way of communicating lucid thoughts to those who are willing to read them or to those who must read them. The “willing” readers are parents, spouses, siblings, dear friends, and buyers of what an author publishes. The “must” readers are teachers, professors, business associates, clients, patients, opposing attorneys, co-lawyers, judges, justices, etc. To both readers, a good writer conveys the message clearly and concisely.

RW&B purposely guides a writer (advanced or otherwise) through the maze of rules, conventions, and protocols. Many are the same, many are different. Mickey provides simple explanations (“pictures of writing”) to explain the various writing protocols. Mickey prints contrasting usages (of professors, lawyers, newspapers, and magazines) to teach you how best to use a style. Mickey quotes, reviews, comments, and critiques other author’s writings, as educational tools. Mickey helps a writer learn a proper and precise style. Mickey keeps it short and simple. As you read this book, you feel that Mickey is right there (next to you) teaching, teaching.

Any person who reads Mickey’s punctuation work will eventually establish his or her own “writing style.”

28. November
Miguel Suarez