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The Song dynasty was an imperial dynasty of China that began in 960 and lasted until 1279. The dynasty was founded by Emperor Taizu of Song following his usurpation of the throne of the Later Zhou, ending the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. The Liao dynasty, also known as the Liao Empire, officially the Great Liao, or the Khitan State, was an empire and imperial dynasty in East Asia that ruled from 916 to 1125 over present-day Northern and Northeast China, Mongolia and portions of the Russian Far East and North Korea. Jin dynasty (金朝) 1115–1234The Jin dynasty, officially known as the Great Jin, lasted from 1115 to 1234 as one of the last dynasties in Chinese history to predate the Mongol conquest of China. (Wikipedia)This book is one of the Chinese Culture Story Series. The whole set of Chinese Culture Stories Series, 999 articles, 18 categories. Perfect for HSK 4-6, IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese & School extra readings. Find the QR code on the first page for the best price for the whole set of books. New launching BEST price at http://edeo.biz/26749 The origins of the Chinese people go far back in time, and Chinese culture is extensive and rich in nature. It is the traditional Chinese high Regard for history that has made this possible

Song, Liao, Jin Dynasties 宋辽金 -Story 01-25 V2020 -- HSK Chinese History Story中国历史故事 Volume 10/14
01 序编 Preface 1
序言 2 Preface 2
02 耶律阿保机 A Khitan chieftain, Yeh-lu Ah-pao-chi, founded the Liao empire.
03 陈桥兵变 Chen Qiao Mutiny
04 烛影斧声 The shadow of Candle and sound axe
05 金匮之盟 Golden chamber alliance
06 杨家将 The Yang clan generals
07 澶渊之盟 Treaty of Chan-yuan
08 萧太后与辽圣宗 The Empress Dowager Hsiao and Emperor Sheng-tsung of the Liao Dynasty
09 西夏建国 Western Xia Empire
10 包青天 Judge Bao
11 古文大家欧阳修 A scholar of many talents- Ou Yang Xiu
115 欧阳修努力为学 Ouyang Xiu industrious approach to studying
12 资治通鉴 The Comprehensive Mirror of Good Governing
13 王安石变法 Wang Anshi Reform
14 东坡居士 Recluse of the Eastern Slop
15 一代才女李清照 A talent women poets - Li Qing Zhao
16 清明上河图 A River Scene at Qing-ming
17 瘦金书 Thin gold calligraphic style
116 画家皇帝宋徽宗 Artist Emperor Song Huizong
18 完颜阿骨打 Wan-yen Ah-ku-ta
19 莫须有罪名 It must be so!
20 爱国诗人陆游 A patriotic poet Lu You
21 豪放词人辛弃疾 A vigorous poet Xin Qi Ji
22 鹅湖之会 The Goose Lake Meeting
23 图书印刷 Chinese printing
24 小尧舜金世宗 Little sage king Shi Zong
25 张元素切脉 Two open-minded Doctors
26 西厢记诸宫调 Western Chamber Romance chant fable
27 文天祥正气歌 Wen Tian Xiang's Song of Honor

29. Oktober
Edeo & Legoo Mandarin

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