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What happens when everything is going smoothly?

The inevitable, of course.

Alistair Brown led a fairly easy existence. He had great parents, wonderful friends, and college was turning out to be just as laidback as high school, even if he did have to work a little bit harder than the next guy. He was appreciating college for the blessing that it was, and everything was moving along just as sweet as you please. So, why did he still feel like something was holding him back? Good question.

Well, it’s not always so easy to get over a broken heart. Four years after circumstances tore his first and only love away from him, Alistair has done his best to pick up the pieces and move on. Certain that he’ll never find another Rory Simmons, he’s learned to live with the hole in his heart. However, when a simple trip to the local diner changes everything, all bets are off.

Rory Simmons has known disappointment and she’s known heartache. Still, despite all that, she’s managed to get herself to college, and so far, she was rocking her freshman year on her own. It was a lot of hard work, but she was up to the task. Her dormmates were awesome and her life was all coming together. So, why did every day feel like a struggle? Good question.

Well, it’s not always so easy to get over a broken heart. Long over her parents’ divorce, Rory is focused on school, her future, and her happiness. As for dating, she can take it or leave it. After all, there’ll never be another Alistair Brown. Coming to terms with missing out on her fairy tale love, she finds joy in other things. However, when she’s thrown back in time, it sends her reeling.

When life is no longer just fun and games…
Thrown for a surprising loop, Alistair doesn’t hesitate. Sure, it’s been four years, but his heart doesn’t care about any of that. He doesn’t care about time, distance, or anything that’s happened during those four years. All he cares about is that Rory Simmons is back in his life.

Thrown for a surprising loop, Rory has no idea what she’s supposed to do now. Though she knows what she wants to do, it can’t be that simple. Too much time has passed, and she can’t risk another heartache of that magnitude again. She can’t survive losing Alistair Brown a second time.

Rory never expected for history to repeat itself, but Alistair was turning the past into their future.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, and explicit sexual encounters. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

1 October
M.E. Clayton

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