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What happens when everything is going smoothly?

The inevitable, of course.

Raiden Cruz loved his parents, was loyal to his friends, and was football royalty. His senior year of high school couldn’t have been scripted better. College was on the horizon, then the NFL next. He had no complications in his life, and he liked it that way. So, why was he acting like a complete jackass if everything was going as planned? Good question.

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t like being blindsided. When he finds himself tangling with Charlie Harden, he starts behaving in a way that’s shocking to everyone, including himself. Not used to blatant hatred from the fairer sex, he truly has no idea what to do about the girl. However, that doesn’t stop him from claiming the spitfire who doesn’t want to be claimed.

Charlie Harden was nobody’s fool. She wasn’t one to be snowed by good looks, money, or popularity. As a soccer player for Eastwood High, she was more independent and fierier than she was delicate and girly. She had great friends, a promising road to college, and great parents who supported her completely. So, if all was well, why was she snarling at everyone lately? Good question.

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that she doesn’t like being blindsided. The last thing she ever expected was to be in the middle of an emotional tug of war with Raiden Cruz. Fully aware of his awful womanizing reputation, the last thing she’s going to be is another notch on his bedpost. However, she’s not ready for the no-holds-barred fight he puts up.

When life is no longer just fun and games…
Struggling to keep his crap together, Raiden is close to crossing lines that he can’t come back from, and he’s not willing to live with that kind of regret. Tired of the games and confusion, it’s time to put Charlie Harden in her place, once and for all.

Struggling to keep her crap together, Charlie is determined to move on from all her confused emotions and do what’s best for her. Sick of being toyed with like she doesn’t have other options, she finally decides to wash her hands of Raiden Cruz. Little does she know that he has other plans.

Charlie wasn’t looking for a happily-ever-after, but Raiden was going to give her just that.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, and drugging. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

1 October
M.E. Clayton

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