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Ranulf never expected to return to the home of his family's oldest rival. But to stop the violent plans of a blood-sorcerer, he must protect the island's magic. And face the only woman he ever loved. He doesn't expect it to be easy, but the family is stonewalling him at every turn and Ran knows something more than an ancient feud is behind the deception.

Years ago, Tara was forced to make a choice: Ran or her family. She's never regretted staying for her siblings, but she's never forgotten the boy she loved. Now he's back and she's facing the choice all over again. Protect the family's dark secret by lying to him? Or trust him with her heart and risk destroying everything generations of Tirnan's had built?

With enemy ships only days away, Tara and Ran have to move past the hurt and secrets if there is any hope of saving the island and stopping a madman bent on ruling the world with blood magic and terror.

Check out in this clean fantasy romance series featuring Hound-shifters, determined heroines, adventure, magic and happily-ever-afters. 

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Tara and Ran have to move the beyond the hurt and secrets of their past if there is any hope of stopping a madman bent on ruling the world with blood magic and terror.

Ficción y literatura
16 de julio
Amberlyn Holland

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