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Old Friends

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The latest gripping domestic drama from the author of The Move and The People at Number 9…

Moving in together. What could go wrong?

‘Sharp, dark and brilliantly twisty’ OK!

Two couples, best friends for half a lifetime, move in together. What could possibly go wrong…?

Harriet and Mark have it all: successful careers, a lovely house in a leafy London suburb, twin boys on the cusp of leaving home. Yvette and Gary share a smaller place with their two daughters in a shabbier part of the same borough.

But when the stars align for a collective move north, it means a fresh start for them all. For Mark, it’s a chance to escape the rat race; for Harriet, a distraction from her unfulfilled dream of a late third child. Gary has decided to reboot the Madchester band that made him famous, while Yvette hopes it will give her daughters what she never had herself.

But as the reality of their new living arrangements slowly sinks in, the four friends face their own mid-life crises, and the dream becomes a nightmare…

Praise for Felicity Everett:

‘Sharp, dark and brilliantly twisty’ OK!

‘Brimming with insight, intrigue and emotional intensity, and with a slow drip of disturbing revelations, Everett’s masterful exploration of the pitfalls and pressures of twenty-first century life brutally exposes the perilous fault lines buried under the two seemingly happy marriages’ Lancashire Post

‘A dark and foreboding tale of a rural dream gone wrong; of what can happen when we try to paint over the cracks’ Sunday Post

‘Has the reader gripped when she explores unhealthy relationships based on insecurity and delusion’ Adele Parks, No. 1 bestselling author, in Platinum

‘Dark and gripping, this tale is perfect for snuggling up with by the fire with a glass or two of wine’ Closer

‘Clever, relentless and utterly recognisable. I absolutely loved it!’ Katie Fforde, No. 1 bestselling author

'A cautionary tale of what happens when you get caught up with the in-crowd . . . I gulped it down' Veronica Henry, bestselling author

About the author

Felicity Everett grew up in Manchester, lived, worked and raised her family of four in London and returned from a four year spell in Melbourne, Australia to live in Gloucestershire in 2014. After an early career in children’s publishing and freelance writing, she published her debut adult novel The Story of Us in 2011. Her second novel The People at Number 9 was published in 2017 and her third novel The Move was published in 2020.

Misterio y suspense
28 de febrero

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