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If you’ve built an app or are thinking about developing one (or are just interested in apps in general), this book is a must have. Super Apps covers the history of the App Store and the marketing techniques you need to know about to make your app a success. 

Super Apps details the App Store’s history beginning with the debate in Apple whether to bet the future on web apps or native apps. From there the stories of super apps like Instagram, Words With Friends, Angry Birds and many more are used to illustrate important marketing strategies to use before, during and after launching your app. 

You will also learn about the mistakes apps like Color and companies like Pepsi made so you can avoid making them.

This is what people are saying about Super Apps:

"As an owner of a rapidly growing website, this book provides great insight as we contemplate developing an app."

-Milena Z. Fisher (Ph.D), Co-Founder & President of The Creativity Post

“Luis Gutierrez's experiences the last few years analyzing new apps published on the App Store makes him an ideal candidate to chronicle the App Store and compare and contrast some of the earliest, best and biggest flops the store has seen.” 

-Jesse Lakes, Former Global Product Manager - iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Affiliate Program at Apple, Inc.

"Super Apps is an extremely useful guide for anyone thinking about putting out an app."

-Andrew Teufel, Vice Chairman of Fisher Investments

This book will also walk you through the process of creating, submitting and marketing your app. Sections include:

* Apple’s Developer Programs
* App Approval Guidelines
* To Partner or Not Partner With App Publishers Like Chillingo
* Leveraging Twitter, Facebook and Websites to Promote Your App
* Extensive List of App Focused Blogs to Contact
* How to Take Advantage of Press Releases, Promo Codes, etc.
* So much more!

Super Apps was written by Luis A. Gutierrez, founder of AppPicker, a popular iOS and Mac apps news and review website, which was acquired in March 2012.

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June 12
Luis A. Gutierrez

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