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WRITTEN IN THE TRADITION of Robert Pirsig’s Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, this motorcycle adventure follows the dialogue and reunion of Stüffle von Schöngait and his identical twin Edward, who have been separated from each other for twelve years. Both inseparable when young, they went to different universities but both studied philosophy, however, Edward, an earnest student and philosopher in his own right, dedicated his life to testing the many philosophies in the canon of Western Philosophy in an effort to create his own life philosophy. Stüffle, his more mild-mannered brother remained in Toronto and wrote for a newspaper, choosing a life in many ways the opposite to his brother’s, forgetting the countless ideas and dates and esoteric nomenclature that is required for any study of philosophy. It is only when Stüffle is diagnosed with Lupus that he faces his own mortality and chooses to change his life, the first step being to visit Edward in Taipei where he is teaching English. He expected a visit along somewhat normal lines but what happens to the twins is anything but normal.
The day Stüffle arrives is the day of the September 21st earthquake that killed over 400 people and left Taipei and most of northern Taiwan without power for four days, so Edward insists they ride motorcycle to the center of Taiwan to Puli where they can help with the international rescue effort. With the Central Mountain Highway closed but still able to ride the road that carves through the backbone of the island, the twins encounter over 1200 aftershocks, landslides and avalanches that hinders but does not prevent their mission until within miles of the epicenter. Not to be deterred, they move east thought Toroko Gorge and the hundreds of tunnels carved out of rock like clay along their way to the east coast. Edward’s zeal and unquenchable need to share his insights with his twin lead to an exchange that produces a new philosophy called zeitqualia. Since Edward had always been a serious student of philosophy his premises are all based on existing pillars of thought and accepted wisdom, highlighting the strong foundation stones of Western thought but also exposing its weaknesses. But instead of leaving a half-destroyed edifice of thought he rebuilds through his own initiative and corrects the most profound weakness of Western Philosophy: that of time.
Initial feedback from readers of Twin Philosophers On Time have been strong, some indicating it has changed the way they see time and others recommending the book to friends and family. One reader tattooed the word Zeitqualia on his arm do that he would never forget its wisdom. Regardless, it is a novella that is unique in its telling, touching in its tragedy and timeless as a philosophy so that all might enjoy its wisdom and goodness it brings to each day of an individual’s life.

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8 diciembre
Peter Higgins

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