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Chasing Fireflies

Country Roads Romance 2

Aimee Dupree has everything she's ever dreamed of, and it's because she's worked her butt off to get it.

Some call her an OCD, future-planning, control freak, but she thinks of herself as an organized pediatric nurse with a five-year plan that includes a ring and children.

So, when her live-in boyfriend of five years breaks up with her and tells her he's marrying another woman, she's surprised to find she's not devastated...

​Being homeless wasn't part of her plan either. After a phone call from her bestie, she decides to head out to Montana for a visit and to try to snag a job at the local hospital. How hard could it be?

​But when the city princess runs into Weston, her friend's ranch hand, she can't believe how rude and infuriating he is, or how sexy...

​Find out if Aimee has the courage to change her dreams in Chasing Fireflies

5 mai
Bethany Strobel

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