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With the festive season almost upon him, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson is winding down at work and gearing up socially - kicking off Christmas with a week of sex and drugs in Amsterdam. There are irritating flies in the ointment, though, including a missing wife, a nagging cocaine habit, a dramatic deterioration in his genital health, a string of increasingly demanding extra-marital affairs. The last thing he needs is a messy murder to solve. Still it will mean plenty of overtime, a chance to stitch up some collegues and finally clinch the promotion he craves. But as Bruce spirals through the lower reaches of degradation and evil, he encounters opposition - in the form of truth and ethical concience - from the most unexpected quarter of all: his anus. In Bruce Robertson, Welsh has created one of the most corrupt, misanthropic characters in contemporary fiction , and has writt en a dark, disturbing and very funny novel about sleaze, power, and the abuse of everything. At last, a novel that lives up to its name.

Crime & Thrillers
Tam Dean Burn Burn
hr min
6 January
Random House

Customer Reviews

Paul jones ,


Excellent audiobook. The narrator gets Bruce robertsons twisted sick thoughts out well and the worm is well played portrayed. Any fans of the book should get this just to put a voice to the worm. Great book and audiobook. Let's hope the film being made doesn't screw and still keeps all the filth in it.

Fred Surfguitar ,

This audiobook is not unabridged

Got this audiobook at the same time I got the book for my kindle and got really disapointed on my journey to work when I realised the audiobook is actually ABRIDGED.

Rogue_Leader ,

This audiobook is abridged

This book is abridged. There are whole paragraphs, sections of dialogue and even ENTIRE CHAPTERS missing.

Do not buy this book.

Update: audiobook is no longer advertised as abridged.

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