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Publisher Description

The characters in this extraordinary book are often - on the surface - depraved, vicious, cowardly and manipulative, but their essential humanity is never undermined. Two professors of philosophy turn pugilists; Leith removal men become the objects of desire for Hollywood goddesses; God turns Boab Coyle into a house-fly; and in the novella, 'A Smart C**t', the drug-addled young hero spins off on a collision course with his past.

The Acid House is a bizarre, disturbing and hilarious collection from one of the most uncompromising and original writers around.

This collection contains:

Conversation between Irvine Welsh and Iggy Pop
The Acid House
The Granton Star Cause
Disnae Matter
A Soft Touch
Snowman Building Parts For Rico the Squirrel
Where the Debris Meets the Sea
Sexual Disaster Quartet
Sport For All
Lisa’s Mum Meets the Queen Mum
Granny’s Old Junk
The Two Philosophers

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Irvine Welsh
hr min
14 June
Random House AudioBooks

Customer Reviews

PGRG81 ,

Stories missing - this is abridged

There should be 22 stories in the Acid House, but this audio book only contains 12 (plus a muffled conversation between Irvine Welsh & Iggy Pop). The description of the audio book states that it is Unabridged, yet the book synopsis mentions a novella (The Smart C*nt) that’s in the book but not included in this recording. Plus there are a number of other stories missing (Vat 96, Stoke Newington Blues, Snuff, Wayne Foster, Across the Hall etc - all missing). This is a good book, full of interesting, funny, disturbing stories and characters. The recording is patchy, sounds like it was done on a mobile phone. Very disappointing. Irvine Welsh books deserve better than this.

Lucewood ,

Waste of money.

Glad this book was only 2hrs, 58mins long as I don't think I could have listened to anymore of it. It seemed to be very badly recorded, at times I really was struggling to hear through the echos. Possibility didn't help that I had problems with the narrators brogue. I think it needs a mention that the language is very strong and becomes extremely boring. Waste of money.

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