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Dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls, dragons and wizards - these are the ingredients of J.R.R. Tolkien's wonderful fantasy, the prelude to The Lord of The Rings, now the subject of a major feature film series. The hero of the tale is Bilbo Baggins, a home-loving unambitious hobbit who is suddenly thrust into what turns out to be the biggest adventure of his life. Guided by Gandalf the wizard, Bilbo and a company of dwarves set out to destroy Smaug the Magnificent, a ferocious dragon who guards a treasure hoard. Their journey contains many dangers, and in facing them the reluctant Bilbo's great resourcefulness and courage surprises everyone - not least himself! Since it was first broadcast in 1968, this BBC Radio 4 dramatisation has become a classic in its own right, perfectly evoking Tolkien's magical other world and its enchanting, fantastic inhabitants.

Anthony Jackson
hr min
November 5
BBC Audio

Customer Reviews

A man of some standing ,

This is the best dramatization I've ever heard.

Right through, the story has kept me enthralled, every time I've listened to it (im 18 and I first had the tape when I was 7). From Bilbo's blundering introductions, Gandalf's wise and cunning remarks to the booming voice of thorin, every voice is as it should be. Buy this now or be warned: You will never find an audio tape of this quality ever again.

a little bit of sugar ,

my childhood brought back.

when i was 10 i had this audiobook on tape and loved it so much, i then moved on to lord of the rings and hade them on cd and loved them to but not as much as the hobbit. now iv gone back to it, it has made me feel so comforted, and i love it just as much as i did 8 years ago.
the bbc makes it come alive, the magic Tolkien created is made real for 3 and a half hours.
i would recommended it to all children.

Auleo ,

5 stars!

One of the greatest storys ever told, worth every penny and you get the added bonus of J.R.R tolkien as narator and its dramatised, i would easily pay double for this!

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