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The evil Saruman has been defeated by Gandalf, but in Mordor the battle for the Ruling Ring continues. Wounded by the giant spider, Shelob, Frodo has been captured by the dreaded orcs. Sam, alone and in possession of the Ring, must rescue his master if their mission - to find the Cracks of Doom, and there destroy the Ring - is to continue. Meanwhile, the other Fellowship members are preparing for war against the armies of the Dark Lord, Sauron... Widely regarded as a broadcasting classic, the BBC Radio dramatisation of 'The Lord of the Rings' stars Ian Holm, Michael Hordern, Robert Stephens, John Le Mesurier and Peter Woodthorpe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Full Cast
hr min
September 3
BBC Audio

Customer Reviews

Jack Diaper ,

the revew of the warld

i think the audio book is britiant and i would recomenis to any one

Xodus101 ,


Ignore the review by Tolkien mastermind, he obviously didn’t listen to this dramatisation as Pippin WAS taken to Minas Tirith by Gandalf :P
The whole series is fantastic with Ian Holm as Frodo, Michael Horden as Gandalf (and the best gandalf in my mind), and a fantastic performance from Peter Woodthorpe as Gollum (a character he had already voiced in the Ralph Bakshi's animated film version of the story), and Robert Stephens as Aragorn who perfectly embodied Aragorn’s lost nobility.
I loved this as a child and still love it today, the only bad points about this series is that as a download the audio quality is not that good when compared to the CD quality, but then it is £50 more to get the CD so these things have to balanced.
Enjoy this dramatisation for the rest of your days :)

Shepfish ,

Great book, great adaptation

dont lsiten to these cynical people!

fistly it tells the tale as according to the book not peter jacksons adaptation which allows for many more events, great soundtrack and acting from greats such as ian holm, john le mesuirer and the late michael Horden.

the fellowship of the ring and the two towers are also available (and in the two towers YOU DO FIND OUT HOW PIPPIN GETS TO MINAS TIRITH)

a must buy on itunes.

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