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The Life Diet is Laura Jane Williams' brilliantly funny, painfully honest and inspiringly insightful philosophy of what it means to curate your life in order to fill your time, thoughts and relationships with inspiration, motivation, and love - by getting rid of everything else.

A manifesto designed to help you establish boundaries, take control, and only let into your life what you truly value, written and narrated by a woman who chooses to do exactly that every happy, contented day of her life.

In a world full of options and abundance The Life Diet will equip you with the tools and motivation to make your life more centred, deeper connected, and more in control.

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Laura Jane Williams
hr min
September 30
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

Blake0111992 ,

Extremely privileged women talks about herself for 2 hours

Been a long term fan of LJW but lately I just don’t find her relatable at all.

Was really hoping this would be useful- but there is little advice in here for a normal everyday working person (someone who needs to leave the house everyday to go to a job they don't like to make ends meet) and is literally two hours of her talking about her life. Which is hugely privileged compared to the average Joe.

Would have been better with some actual advice and a few personal anecdotes thrown in. But in the money and finance section she spoke about how her parents paid of all her debt and then “saving become an addiction” and “squirrelling away money each month” which is near impossible for a lot of people in England with more people than ever living below the breadline/using food banks etc.

In short- perhaps you would find this useful if your an instagram model/full time blogger/full time writer or rich person, but if your an everyday person there is little to no valuable information contained in here.

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