The Secret (Unabridged) The Secret (Unabridged)
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The Secret (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

The worldwide bestselling phenomenon that has helped millions tap the power of the law that governs all our lives to create—intentionally and effortlessly—a joyful life.

In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—The Secret—and, later that year, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller.

Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions, and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it.

In this book, you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that’s within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life.

The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers—men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.

Religion & Spirituality
Rhonda Byrne
hr min
28 November
Atria Books/Beyond Words

Customer Reviews

Kayleighwaileywoo ,

Why the background music 🙉🙉🙉

I’ve read the book and think it’s good but why make the audio book soooo cheesy , constant background music and cheesy stuff throughout.
Put me off and gave me the ick 🫣


Game Changing

I’ve been told my whole life by my Mum to be reading this, and to be following it. But reading is not for me (hence why I got the audio book), and I didn’t believe it. Well let me explain, that when in one of my darkest hours, my lowest points, my most desperate times, I decided to try it after an ‘inspired’ recommendation from a friend of a friend. I promise to anyone reading this now it was the best decision I ever made. My lifetime dreams started to become a reality within a few weeks, things I’ve worked towards my whole life actually happened, miraculous things took place which I cannot explain. I then preached this to my family and friends and I’ve seen it happen to them as well. Trust me, if you want that promotion, if you want money, if you want to be back to full health, you will get whatever you want. I spent years of my life ‘praying’ for help, praying for things to change, praying for my dreams to come true, but I was so desperate in my approach, that the desperation was not a positive emotion, and not a positive feeling. I was putting out desperation, not belief. So I changed my mindset, and my approach, and I believed I could have it, I believed it could happen, I acted like I already had it, I kept it in the front of my mind each and every day. And it happened. Honestly, there is so much more I want in my life, so much more I want to achieve and so much more which I’m going to manifest, but I feel so lucky and grateful to have had this audiobook to turn my life around as much as it has and I’m so grateful for everything it has brought me so far. Trust me, if you’re willing to try and change your thought process, your perception, your attitude to life, then you will receive anything you want. What have you got to lose from trying it? Just listen to this in the car, in the shower, before you go to bed etc and try it.

Jxjxjsnsnsisjsbs ,

Contradictory Sometimes

It is eye opening how your own mind can stop you from wanting to create positive things in your life. I am currently listening to the audiobook and on chapter 6 which is about health. This chapter I find it to be a tad ridiculous. Rhonda the author explains she reached for her reading glasses but stopped and remembered how she used to be able to see clearly and imagined she could and after three days she no longer needed her reading glasses. It doesn’t work like that. The human body simply just deteriorates over time and some issues are genetic or hereditary or simply down to not looking after our bodies very well etc. This particular chapter has had me saying ‘that’s ridiculous, I don’t believe that’. How can a woman who had breast cancer cure herself by laughing at funny movies for three months without treatment? It’s quite made up.

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