A Vampire Possessed A Vampire Possessed
Book 3 - Deathless Night

A Vampire Possessed

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Publisher Description

He's no monster. At least, not as far as he can remember…


Aiden Sinclair was usually a go-with-the-flow kind of vampire. Easy going. Ready for anything.


But waking up in an unfamiliar city with no memory of how he’d gotten there was a bit much even for him.


He probably should’ve focused on finding his way home. Instead, he played hero to a cheeky witch in distress and got himself in even more trouble.


Grace Moss is secretive. Distrustful. Unfairly sexy. Too smart for her own good—and his.  


She's his fated mate.


Now, he must figure out how to protect Grace, fill the gaps in his memory, and stop his enemies from destroying everything he loves…all while fighting his inner demon.


His literal inner demon.


To get through all that, he knows sacrifices will have to be made for the greater, bloody, good.


But he’ll be damned if he’ll let Grace be one of them…


A Vampire Possessed, book 3 in the Deathless Night series, is a sometimes dark, sometimes funny, always steamy and spicy paranormal romance between a strong heroine who has lost her Mojo, and the vampire voted least likely to ever settle into a happily ever after. Download today!

26 December
Everblood Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Butterfliesandbooks ,

Not the best in the series


The third book in this series sees our fun loving vamp Aiden waking up in a city he has no idea how he got there!
In the previous book, we see Aiden become possessed by a powerful demon! How? You ask... it all stems from the second book in this series.
If your just reading this one, then it’s not too bad, but if your going to read the series, I’d advise you to read in order.
Anyway back to my review.....
Aiden was captured by the female vampire and male wizard from the previous books, as he’s a vampire, they don’t have a soul, so it’s easier to take over their bodies!
And now when the demon takes control of Aiden’s body, he’s not really aware of what’s going on!
Grace is witch, not a good one, in fact Grace isn’t sure why her family saved her from the new high priest that took over from the coven?! But her mother said she was pretty special (but parents always say that!)
But she’s following some seriously creepy dudes! (They’ve taken something from her, and she’s going to take it back)
Book three isn’t a favourite of mine in this series. I loved Aiden as a secondary character, I just didn’t connect with him as a main character. Grace was ok, it’s just they didn’t have the connection that the first two couples had!
But that’s not to say the story wasn’t good, it was, it was fascinating how they worked out the problems they were facing.
The secondary characters (wolves and a best friend) were great and I know they feature in a spin off series (The Kincaid Werewolves) if they are a couple I’m not sure, but the series is on my long list of books to read!
We also catch up with the rest of the vampire clan (setting up the next book nicely)
But back to the story......
Aiden is drawn to Grace, why? Well could it be the fact she’s his fated mate? If that’s the case he should be running in the opposite direction, Aiden is a fun loving vamp, one woman won’t be enough for him and certainly not forever!
But helping Grace with her quest brings out feelings that Aiden wasn’t sure he’d ever had!
And there is also a strange feeling Aiden keeps getting! Like he’s being watched! But nothing would be able to creep up on him, could it?
Grace is fascinated and exasperated with her new companion, he’s like no one she’s ever met, but something is wrong with him, it’s just a gut feeling, but she can’t fully trust him!
So can Aiden and Grace work together? And when you find out her last name! Yup! Things start falling into place fast.
So can Grace help Aiden break the hold that Leeha has over his sires vampires?
And will Aiden commit to just one female, or will he be able to contain his lust for the “poppet” that might just have stolen his heart?


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