Part One, A Personal Guide to flying in UK & Europe

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Aerial Touring Part One

This is a book written from personal experience of flying all over UK & Europe in modern, small two seat sports aircraft over the last 20 years. 

Pilots and non-pilots will enjoy reading about the many towns and cities visited by the Author as well as the details given about airfields.  

This personal guide to Aerial Touring will be of interest to British, European and International pilots planning to fly within the UK or in Europe. Armchair pilots will enjoy reading about the flights and routes and the hundreds of photos and weblinks included to dig deeper into the delights of aerial travel.

The weather plays a very important part in the safe conduct of such flights and is given due importance for making plans and judgements on whether to continue a particular flight as planned or to divert and stay safe.

There are hundreds of photos included as well as web-links that the reader can use to find more information to help plan their own personal journeys. I have included some information in addition to aviation related notes, on places that I have found interesting on a personal level for the historical or political or cultural aspects.

The Reader will be able to make their own judgements about places they may decide to visit. I like to visit places, which have technical museums and interesting palaces or churches or castles and cathedrals. 

It is always a very hospitable and friendly reception that I have had from the many pilots that I have asked for help and assistance during these many flights. They have taken me and my crew to their favourite locations and introduced us to their local food and drink and culture.  Only on rare occasions have I come across a lack of sympathy due to a “failure of humour” because the joke itself was un-translateable in the local language.

This Aerial Touring guide is written in two parts and may extend to three parts as there are so many more places I hope to discover and write about in the near future. Each part of the Aerial touring guide is a stand-alone book and can be carried on your iPad as you fly away.

I have deliberately not included specific references to aviation regulations and details of how to plan your aerial tours. This I leave to the individual pilots to check various regulations as part of their planning process to enable them to understand the limits of what one can do in various countries. 

Travel & Adventure
16 January
Deepak Mahajan

Customer Reviews

paperless pilot ,

Microlight Flying review by Merv Middleton

ThE fact that I could not put this book down and read it in a single non-stop session, should tell you all you need to know: it’s good!
"Aerial Touring Part One is the latest aviation book from Deepak Mahajan and is best described as a collection of short ying stories to whet the appetite and give inspiration.
Deepak, as I am sure readers will know, is a proli c European microlight traveller, frequently combining his ight teaching with touring.
What you do not have here is a comprehensive guidebook giving a blow by blow account, which to be honest would be quite boring.”

says Merv Middleton in his review in the March issue of Microlight Flying…..

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