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Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager, and now she can find the dead.

In her third case, Harper and Tolliver, her stepbrother, are hired to find a missing grandson. But the truth is far worse than a single dead child, for numerous teenage boys, all unlikely runaways, have disappeared from Doraville, North Carolina. Harper soon finds the eight bodies, buried in the half-frozen ground, but then, still reeling from coming into contact with her first serial killer, she is attacked and injured. Now she and Tolliver have no choice but to stay in Doraville while she recovers, and as she reluctantly becomes part of the investigation, she learns more than she cares to about the dark mysteries and long-hidden secrets of the town: knowledge that makes her the most likely person to be next to end up in an ice-cold grave.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 10

Customer Reviews

Roo de Red ,

Keep these coming please

First off I am a fan of the Stackhouse novels. The way I have commented here is based on the assumption that many will, as I did, come to look at these books as a result of loving Sookie's stories. Harper's tales are not the True Blood formula and that is interesting - to find an author than can write outside of her successful formula and has the guts to do so. The Harper book series is much quieter. These are real people in a real world rather than the larger than life grotesques of the True Blood series. There is a paranormal element, but the central characters are accepting to the point of resigned about it and more often than not hold their tongues rather than jump in guns blazing as Sookie and her cohorts would do.
Romance and physical contact is present in these novels but (so far in the series at least) not the eroticism Sookie lovers may expect. If you have certain passages of book four of Sookie's story marked, spine broken or very dog-eared then you may be disappointed. What will not disappoint is the more measured approach, the gentle character development and interactions. It takes more than one book to appreciate this. The narratives are crime based due to the nature of Harper's condition, but thought through and not as easy to guess 'whodunnit' as some out there. This book, the 3rd in the series is the one I have enjoyed most of the first four.
I would, and have, recommended this series to others but try to proceed without preconceptions or you will be disappointed and would be missing out on a worthwhile read.

Jimmers 89 ,

Plenty more where that came from...

From a huge Charlaine Harris fan, i have to say that this is one of her finest books yet; it is utterly gripping. Onto the next one!

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