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Mark is a single parent with two beautiful children - one three year's old, the other just over a year. His wife died during childbirth of their second child and Mark has been lonely since. He works from home but hires a neighbor, Samantha ( a nineteen year old college girl, trying to earn some extra money), to babysit them a few evenings each week so that he can not only get out of the house, but possibly land himself a few dates. However, he is out of practice and soon he becomes frustrated.

When coming home early from another failed date, he finds a strange car in his driveway and walks in to find Samantha in her bra and panties, on top of a boy on his couch. He immediately kicks the boy out, but tells Samantha to stay where she is. She pleads that he not fire her and that he not tell her parents because they would kick her out of the house. In exchange for his silence, she offers to be his wife for the weekend and to let him do whatever he wants to her. He accepts and uses her in every hole she has, just as he used to with his wife. However, what started off as a simple agreement, turns out to be love for both of them.

This story contains sexually explicit situations between two consenting adults. All characters are over the age of 18.

Fiction & Literature
May 2
J.M. Christopher

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