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Crawley Creek Series

In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?

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Abraham and Seraphina Crawley have loved each other since they were fifteen years old. Abe has never doubted the strength of their bond, and together they’ve planted roots and built a successful ranch. But when Seraphina receives disturbing news that will impact the rest of their lives, she finds herself unable to tell the man she loves…

Forget Me Knot

Lacy Denvers’ dream vacation to the Crawley Creek Cattle Ranch turns into a lesson in patience when the North Dakota winter proves unpredictable as ever. Wrapped in a cocoon of snow, Lacy finds the ranch to be a hidden treasure trove of cowboy eye candy, and her mouth is watering even as her brain is telling her to run.

Will this vacation into the heart of cattle country turn out to be a mistake, or will Lacy and Drannon find their future in each other?

Rough Ride Romeo

A petite brunette with a feisty temper, and a playboy ranch owner who has no plans to settle down. Closing the gap between these two wounded souls could mean surviving tragedy. Will their determination to hide their pain from themselves be their downfall, or will they come through this rough ride together?

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A Great Series

Forget Me Knot

Having started this series in the wrong order, it has been so nice to find out how some of the couples came to be. The possessive Drannon and his feisty Lacy are caught in lust at first sight, but this is not the run of the mill story. It is refreshing for the male character to show his vulnerability, that he too second guesses his words and actions. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a confident, even cocky alpha male, Drannon has shown these attributes too but his self-consciousness makes him more real, more natural. Lucy’s character speaks to me a great deal, that she would go to the middle of nowhere to try something new, that she appreciates the quiet, I could imagine myself as the character. This speaks to Lori Kings excellent writing skills, she brings me into the book, as if I have dived into the pages and am living in the moment.

Warning, you will need tissues! I have read this series out of order, but am thoroughly enjoying learning about this close knit family. I don’t normally like prequels but this is an exception. Abe and Sera’s story, learning about their struggles, and character lays the groundwork for the other characters and adds depth to the series.
From the get go I want to fight in Sera’s corner, that she gets the family she most wishes for, having read other books, I know how the story plays out, but it speaks to the quality of Lori’s writing that I am still engaged with the emotional roller-coaster of the Crawley’s history.

Rough Ride Romeo

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like Romeo, but like in most things, you should never judge things by their appearances. Romeo has been consumed by grief and guilt and has been trying to dull the pain in self destructive ways. The nice thing about this story is that his redemption doesn’t come easy, even Marilyn and his closest friend and brothers are not letting him get away without reproach. Lori doesn’t sugar coat issues at Crawley Creek, though they understand the way Romeo feels, they make their feelings known and call him out. But it is not until fiery Frankie lands in his path does he want to change.
An aspect of this series I have greatly enjoyed is that no one is perfect, all the brothers, for as alpha and sexy as they are, like in real life, they all have their faults and flaws making the story and the pace of things more believable.
This story also shows that you don’t always get the happy ending, not that Romeo and Frankie don’t get together but that their mission has a different outcome, something which will have ramifications is stories to come.
This story is in a collection which I won as part of a competition. I would highly recommend the whole Crawley Creek series and can’t wait to continue the series and see how the characters, and continuing plots grow.

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