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Once upon a cold, dark night, a Russian killer stole me from an alley.

I’m dangerous, but he is lethal.

I escaped once.

He won’t let me do it twice.


The revenge is his. 

The betrayal is mine.

But so are the lies to protect the ones I love.


We’re cut from the same twisted cloth. Both merciless. Both damaged. 

In his embrace, I find hell and heaven, his cruelly tender touch destroying and uplifting me at once.


They say a cat has nine lives, but an assassin has just one.

And Yan Ivanov now owns mine.

January 28
Grey Eagle Publications

Customer Reviews

emilycrumpet ,

Darker than Love by Anna Zaires and Charmaine Pauls

An amazing book by these two fabulous authors. I can definitely recommend this.

Carpathian1974 ,

I devoured this it was just so good.

I devoured this compilation between two of my favourite authors, like couldn't put it down I was that invested here.
They smashed it out of the park with this, it was just brilliant from start to finish and I actually liked everything about this which doesn't happen very often for me.
Mina is ex-special ops, she has a tragic backstory and deep secrets she is also a freelance sniper with the code name mink.
Yan and his brother Llya are international assassins for pay after a chance run-in with the boys and a night to remember with Yan Mina runs.
Fast-forward 15 months and she's dealing with the consequences when she unwittingly gets tangled up in a job involving there team and she becomes collateral damage, to make it worse Yan is convinced she has betrayed him.
So this is an enemy to lovers /captive romance it's a real page-turner and action-packed all the way.
Both Mina and Yin are such interesting and intriguing individuals and despite there, initial antagonistic feelings actually got each other completely on each and every level.
Even with all the hate and betrayal and negative emotions being thrown around Yan and Mina still had such a special connection.
Yan can lie to himself all he wants he may think he doesn't care but his sense of betrayal proves otherwise, he is bothered so much because he's so emotionally invested and can't look at Mina and her past actions with an unbiased eye, he is taking it all personally unlike his brother who is much more empathetic and understanding concerning Mina.
I absolutely adored Mina her resilience and inner strength combined with her loyalty was just so admirable.
This book showcased the connection splendidly and for two people supposedly low on the empathy and feelings side this sure was heavy on the emotion.
The chemistry and heat these two expelled projected off the page with its sheer and utter intensity and I was just so invested in the unfolding narrative.
This went places I never expected, digging its talons deep into my very soul and dragging out my every feeling.
It was brilliant and fully deserves more than five stars I enjoyed every single minute.
This is a read that I highly recommend.
I voluntary reviewed a copy of Darker Than Love (Darker Than Love, #1)

Anniebakie ,

A Well deserved 5 star ⭐️ Read

A Well Deserved 5 star ⭐️ Read By the inimitable authors Anna Zaires and Charmaine Paul’s for the dark storyline of “Darker than Love” both main characters Yan and Mina lead dangerous lives, not really on the same side of this thrilling, action packed story. There are twists and turns that will blow your mind. I can only but highly recommend to all readers of this genre.
I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy

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