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The story of the men and women who rescued an army and turned the tide of the Second World War. 

The British may define themselves with the words "Dunkirk Spirit" yet remarkably this is the first novel to tell the full true story of the evacuation in the early months of the Second World War. For the first time, journalist and best-selling author Alan Pearce tells the incredible story of personal sacrifice and bravery both on the home front and in the front line. Drawing on personal accounts and official histories, he dispels the common myths and gives a harrowing perspective of a great defeat and subsequent miracle seen through the eyes of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Pearce paints a remarkable picture of life in the early days of the war with an island facing invasion while its army lay trapped on the shores of France. ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ shocks with its stark depiction of war and yet is rich in humour, tapping deep into the British character. Heart warming and compelling, this is a novel that raises the spirits, and begs the question could we ever do it again?


“A story with the power to lift the human spirit”

“For anyone wishing to get the boots on the sand feel of the place, get this book”

“Moving, tragic, gut-wrenching and uplifting”

"Dunkirk Spirit" is the most comprehensive creative narrative to date”

“This work of ‘fiction’ is a faithful re-crafting of the genuine experiences of countless numbers of real actors in the drama. It conveys the story and what we can learn from it with a searing intensity denied to the writers of ‘real’ history.”

“Simply Wow!”

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January 1

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