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Written by dyscalculia expert Ronit Bird, this is a book for parents who are looking for practical ways of helping their child to develop a feel for numbers. 

The book is about teaching for understanding through numeracy games and hands-on experience of concrete materials, all based on familiar dot patterns such as those found on dice and dominoes. There are no tricks or shortcuts, no rote learning, no songs, no drill and repetition and absolutely no worksheets. The ideas have been designed specifically for children who struggle with maths but they would be equally suitable for teaching the basics of numeracy to any child, either at home or at school. 

An e-book format is ideal for focusing on exactly the kind of visual approach to learning that best suits most dyscalculic children. The author has taken full advantage of the unique capabilities of an e-book, as compared to a print book, by not only including colourful illustrations on virtually every page but also embedding more than 20 short demonstration videos into the text. Each teaching video clearly demonstrates what to do and what to say as you help your child learn the essential facts and number connections that will lead to the development of simple and effective calculation strategies.

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17 March
Ronit Bird

Customer Reviews

Jeremy Print ,

A step by step guide to help your child learn maths!

I would highly recommend this very practical e-book. It is an invaluable resource for parents to use with children who are struggling with grasping the early concepts of number. The explanations are clear,concise and easy to follow. The activities and games are supplemented by demonstration videos which ensure that the child learns the essential facts whilst supporting numeracy in a fun way. I have been a teacher for many years and will gladly recommend this book to parents wishing to support their child's numeracy at home.

Florence Steer ,

Exploring numbers through dot patterns

I loved this ebook. It is practical and accessible, both to parents and teachers. I particularly liked the videos showing clearly what was explained in the text. I have used Ronit Bird's materials and approach with a number of children and this is a very useful addition. A thorough understanding of these very basic elements of number are essential if real progress is to be made.
I look forward to the next books in the series.

CSeresinhe ,

Great resource for parents!

Clear and thorough, this book is full of activities and games that are easy to play, making learning fun for the child. The demonstration videos are really helpful to see exactly how to interact with and encourage the child to learn in a way that promotes their actual understanding of how numbers work. I would highly recommend!

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