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First Preserves: Jams is the second multi-touch ebook by Vivien Lloyd, one of the UK’s leading preserves authority. It celebrates the traditional skills of making jam and explains the basic skills needed to make this popular preserve.

Trend setting blogger Karen Burns-Booth of lavenderandlovage.com says:-

 "Vivien’s passion for safe-guarding  age-old ways of preserving fruit as well as trying to save and promote traditional recipes is evident throughout the book and for me, this gives her books a wonderful warm and friendly feel as well as imparting something very precious, something that we all ought to try to preserve (excuse the pun), making sure that age-old traditional recipes are not passed over in favour of more modern interpretations.

I fully endorse these books; as an experienced preserver,  it supported my existing knowledge of preserving whilst also providing me with hitherto unknown facts and provided exciting new recipes for me to try. For the novice, these books provides a wealth of information, as well as handy step-by-step instructions and photos, and all explained in simple layman’s terms, plus, there are some wonderful recipes that are aimed at all levels of preservers."

There are detailed explanations of each stage of the preserving process, from the preparation to how to fill and seal the jars, illustrated with galleries of colour photogra
phs and embedded videos. It has tried-and-tested recipes for both the novice and the experienced preserver.

A Define, Highlight, Note and Search facility allows the reader to obtain definitions, explore further information online and set up a personal notebook. All the equipment needed for jam is described, with direct links to suppliers’ websites. A chapter about fruit lists the different varieties to grow or look for at markets or pick-your-own venues.

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June 1
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Customer Reviews

Alidufresne ,

An inspiring book

The book covers every stage from preparation to the finished product with added tips about suitable fruit for jam making and the history of jam making, which I found fascinating., thanks Vivien.



This book has helped me perfect my preserving at home and make exceptionally good homemade jam every time.

It focusses on simple, traditional preserving methods which work well every time, keep well and taste fabulous.

The only book I need on the subject.

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