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A deadly, adrenalin-fuelled thriller from multi-bestselling author of Ultimate Weapon.

Five Men. One Robbery. A deadly game of greed, revenge and betrayal is about to begin.

Fresh out of the SAS, Matt Browning is down on his luck. He owes $500,000. If he doesn't get the money soon, he dies. From nowhere, he is offered a lifeline. A hit on al-Queda, sanctioned and helped by MI5. Matt gathers a small team of former SAS men to steal $10 million in gold and diamonds from the world's most deadly terrorist organisation. MI5 will give them all the equipment and information they need. No charges will ever be pressed.

Matt thinks it's the perfect crime. Safe, quick, and patriotic. But after the money is stolen, the killing starts. Someone is taking down the members of the team one by one. A silent, expert assassin is stalking the team, gruesomely murdering both them and their families. And Matt knows that he's next.

Greed is an explosive story of what happens when terrorism, money, love and jealously combust - an explosively violent tale from the established master of the military thriller.

Crime & Thrillers
January 26
Random House

Customer Reviews

Matt Atherton ,


Definitely the best Chris Ryan book I have read!

OAB9898 ,

Best book

One of the best books I have ever read could not put it down.
Brilliant a must read

wastedyuthe ,

Excellent if a little predictable

This book has kept me entertained and gripped from start to finish. Some believable characters, who have actually got a little more depth to them compared to some other Chris Ryan books. The main protagonist, understandably, increases in paranoia as the book progresses. And although I didn't agree with how he reacts to certain people later in the book, I could understand why he did.
Unfortunately I guessed the twist in the tail that comes late in the story, right towards the beginning. So when it hit me later in the story I wasn't surprised. After all, it's not rocket science.
Other than that, this is a very good thriller. Not action packed, but thrilling and gory enough to keep you entertained. Great.

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