Half a King Half a King

Half a King

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Publisher Description

A classic coming-of-age tale set in a vivid and richly-imagined world from Sunday Times bestselling author Joe Abercrombie.

‘A fast-paced tale of betrayal and revenge that grabbed me from page one and refused to let go’ GEORGE R.R. MARTIN

Prince Yarvi has vowed to regain a throne he never wanted. But first he must survive cruelty, chains and the bitter waters of the Shattered Sea itself. And he must do it all with only one good hand.

Born a weakling in the eyes of his father, Yarvi is alone in a world where a strong arm and a cold heart rule. He cannot grip a shield or swing an axe, so he must sharpen his mind to a deadly edge.

Gathering a strange fellowship of the outcast and the lost, he finds they can do more to help him become the man he needs to be than any court of nobles could.

But even with loyal friends at his side, Yarvi’s path may end as it began – in twists, and traps and tragedy…


'Grips like a bear hug, warms like a bear skin' Daily Mail

‘My favorite Abercrombie book yet’ Patrick Rothfuss

‘Enthralling. An up-all-night read’ Robin Hobb

‘Joe Abercrombie is doing some terrific work’ GEORGE R.R. MARTIN

‘Abercrombie writes fantasy like no one else’ Guardian

‘Another great tale from a master’ Sun

‘Joe Abercrombie is fast becoming my favourite writer.’ DEREK LANDY

‘A magnificent, captivating world.’ James Dashner of MAZE RUNNER

About the author

Joe Abercrombie was born in Lancaster on the last day of 1974, the son of an English teacher and a sociologist. He spent much of his youth in imaginary worlds, and left school with a good idea of how to make stuff up. He moved to the big city, learned to brew tea, and ended up as a TV editor, working on documentaries, events and concerts for bands from Iron Maiden to Coldplay. But in the darkness of the night he was still making stuff up, and his first book, The Blade Itself, was published in 2006. He now lives in Bath with his wife Lou and their three children Grace, Eve and Teddy and makes stuff up full-time.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
3 July

Customer Reviews

Itunescosttoomuch ,

Quite good!

I haven't read a book in a very long time and something told me to pick this up, I enjoyed it quite a lot, sometimes it feels like the story is dragging and some twists are predictable but I loved the story and easy description.

Sometimes I felt a bit lost with surroundings and the book would go from one place to another instantly and I'd get confused on the surroundings.

Overall it was a good, easy read and I've already picked up the sequel and will probably finish the trilogy.

Georgeismynameo ,

A tea less bitter

As a lover of the North in his other work, I was looking forward to this. Sad to say, it is a little bland and a little too ‘typical’ fantasy. I can not have been alone in that tiny frisson when considering that Nothing might have been somehow- well you know- nine fingered. I liked that little tease. Not his best but, by the dead, how could it have been? Rattled along nicely and leaves plenty of scope for the sequels

Hep222 ,

Not bad

Not a bad book by any means. Typical characters, no black/white here, no good/evil, everyone is a shade of grey. Having read joes other works I expected more pages, I feel a bit short changed having finished the book so quickly.

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