Initiation (Biker Erotica) Initiation (Biker Erotica)

Initiation (Biker Erotica‪)‬

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    • £1.99

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Shani's a good Christian woman, with one terrible vice - a vice that will lead to her downfall at the hands of the notorious Hellhounds MC...

On the surface, Shani's life is perfect. But inside she's dying as she covers up her real nature, too scared to reveal herself in case the community ostracizes her. One a month she makes a trip to Chicago to see her parents, but what nobody suspects is that sweet Shani is not just visiting her parents - she's on the prowl to find as many men as possible to fill the aching void between her legs.

On this weekend, she doesn't even make it to Chicago. Stopping off at a bar in the middle of nowhere for a bite to eat, she quickly finds herself thrown into the dangerous world of Hellhounds MC, a biker group that takes what they want, when they want it, with no questions asked -- and no answers given.

Will Shani accept their brutal initiation rites, and will she join the gang, or will she run back to everything she knows instead?


This 9100+ word short story is supercharged with hardcore erotica including lesbianism, a threesome and sex acts too hot to describe here! This book is for 18+ adults only.


She almost gasped as she saw him. His bulging, muscular arms were covered in tattoos, folded around his chest as he looked down at her. His tight jeans left little to Shani’s imagination, and she felt even weaker as her eyes glanced at the huge bulge on display. She swallowed again as she looked up his hulk of a body, up towards his face, which was locked in a mean expression. His eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, and his black hair was windswept and messy. He wasn’t just beefy; he was also well over 6 feet tall.

Shani couldn’t help it as she slid out of the booth, trying to get to her feet. She wanted to touch and suck his cock so badly that her body was gravitating towards him. The way he was looking at her, with such a huge tent in his jeans, made her sure that he was only after one thing, and she desperately wanted to give it to him, showing him that even though she wasn’t one of the gang whores, she could suck cock with the best of them.

Just as she knew she would drop to her knees, eager to open up the package in his jeans, his colossal hand stopped her. He held her shoulder back and down before she could do anything. She could feel his power and remained sat, almost whimpering. He said nothing, his heavy hand rooting her to the spot. She looked up at him. He looked down, his facial expression unchanging. Shani’s lips parted slightly as she thought she should say something. But before she could, he let his hands rub down her arm and pick up her hand, pulling it over his crotch.

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16 February
Dirty Eros

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