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Are you trying to devise, implement or fix KPIs?

This book is for people who:

• Have the task of creating new KPIs for their organisation.

• Have been asked to improve or enhance existing KPIs.

• Need help implementing a measurement system.

Using brief explanations and practical checklists, this book will help you deliver meaningful measures that work, create reports that support decision-making and deploy the tools you need to engage the rest of your organisation.

This book will help you:

• Avoid strategy pitfalls when choosing KPIs.

• Turn your strategy into practical measures quickly.

• Decide which measures to ignore.

• Design reports with buy-in.

• Develop laser-sharp KPI definitions.

• Implement your measures, reports and dashboards. 

Over fifty checklists are included to take you through a structured KPI implementations process step by step. The book also includes download links for free instant access to all the templates used.

Business & Personal Finance
August 7
Metric Press

Customer Reviews

Apple Books Customer ,

Read this before building yet another KPI report

Everything you need to know about KPIs but were afraid to ask... and a bit more

I’ve used this checklist approach to deliver KPIs for my job. Instead of the usual brainstorming and typical challenges back from others, this book gave me a structured approach to defining, publishing and working with KPIs, together with a heads-up on the pitfalls to avoid. It feels like we are now running our department on valuable information, not just on what we think we should measure or the flavour of the month. Great book.

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