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Bravery and fortitude are essential for two young nurses to survive the Great War...

Lyn Andrews' saga, Liverpool Angels, is a haunting and unforgettable tale of nursing in the battlefields of the First World War. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Maureen Lee.

Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Mae Strickland is only a few days old when her mother suddenly dies. Her aunt Maggie brings Mae up together with her own children, Eddie and Alice, and the girls become like sisters. In spite of Mae's unhappy start, life feels full of promise.

Then, as the First World War looms, everything changes. While the local men - including young Eddie - leave to fight, Mae and Alice train as field nurses. As they travel to the front line in the wake of family tragedy, nothing can prepare them for the hardship that lies ahead.

Yet there is solace to be found amid the wreckage of the war, and for both, romance is on the horizon. But it will take great courage for Mae and Alice to follow their hearts. Can love win out in the end?

What Amazon readers are saying about Liverpool Angels:

'As in all of Lyn Andrews' books that I've read, she has a great talent for weaving emotion into her writing. You feel connected to her characters, and get really invested in their lives and their struggles'

'The research that Lyn has put into this book is wonderful, it has so much detail and depth as if she has experienced this first hand. You can really get deep into the story and feel as if you are experiencing it with Alice and Mae'

'Well written, believable and emotive'

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December 5

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