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Magician, available in ebook for the first time, is a masterwork of magic and adventure.

The whole of the magnificent Riftwar Cycle, by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, is now available in ebook

The world had changed even before I discovered the foreign ship wrecked on the shore below Crydee Castle, but it was the harbinger of the chaos and death that was coming to our door.

War had come to the Kingdom of the Isles, and in the years that followed it would scatter my friends across the world. I longed to train as a warrior and fight alongside our duke like my foster-brother, but when the time came, I was not offered that choice. My fate would be shaped by other forces.

My name is Pug. I was once an orphaned kitchen boy, with no family and no prospects, but I am destined to become a master magician…

Magician is the first book in Raymond E. Feist’s acclaimed Riftwar Saga. The trilogy continues with book two, Silverthorn.


“Epic scope… vivid imagination… a significant contribution to the growth of the field of fantasy.”
Washington Post

“Well-written… intelligent… intriguing.”
Publishers Weekly

About the author

Raymond E. Feist was born and raised in Southern California. He was educated at the University of California, San Diego, where he graduated with honours in Communication Arts. He is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Riftwar saga among other books.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10 September

Customer Reviews

24man ,

THE fantasy series

I've read most of the great fantasy series out there. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Christopher Paolini, Tad Williams... Etc.

But I have to say that I dot think anyone does it better than Feist. The Riftwar saga and the (following) Empire Trilogy are about as good as it gets. From the complex political mechanisms of the Tsurani, to the incredible characters on both sides of the way.

Magician is an absolute must read for anyone getting in to Game of Thrones - but prepare to be wowed, because this is the real stuff!

Squire Simon ,

Stunning high fantasy

I’ve read this book for the first time in 16 years and it’s still as exciting as I remember, even if I can now find a few areas to niggle at now I’m that bit older.
It’s a welcome change from gritty fantasy like GoT and Name of the Wind - both fantastic series, but this is old school heroic fantasy, which is how I got into the genre.
The characters are ones that you really care about and have loveable personalities. Something I didn’t notice first time round is how Feist doesn’t describe their appearances too much - just a few details and the rest is left to your interpretation. As a result, I found that I got the feel for the characters more than details of what they looked like - great writing.
The negatives are very few - such as I found it hard to keep track of the timeline as there is so much time jumps with no year or date to give context. Either way a fantastic read and I’m aiming to read the full collection of Riftwar books.

Devilman5able ,

Absolutely brilliant!

Stumbled across this by accident while looking in related search for another book, thought "why not?"
To this day I'm glad I did. A memorable tale filled with wonderful characters. I'll be sure to look for the rest of the riftwar cycle!!!

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