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A labyrinth of clues. A mystery novel hiding a deadly secret. A killer with a fiendish plot: a brilliantly intricate and original thriller from the bestselling author of Magpie Murders

'Absolutely loved it. So clever, just masterful stuff.' Richard Osman

'A beautiful puzzle: fiendishly clever and hugely entertaining. A masterpiece.' Lucy Foley, author of The Hunting Party

Retired publisher Susan Ryeland is running a small hotel on a Greek island with her long-term boyfriend. But life isn't as idyllic as it should be: exhausted by the responsibility of making everything work on an island where nothing ever does, Susan is beginning to miss her literary life in London - even though her publishing career once entangled her in a lethal literary murder plot.

So when an English couple come to visit with tales of a murder that took place in a hotel the same day their daughter Cecily was married there, Susan can't help but find herself fascinated.

And when they tell her that Cecily has gone missing a few short hours after reading Atticus Pund Takes The Case, a crime novel Susan edited some years previously, Susan knows she must return to London to find out what has happened.

The clues to the murder and to Cecily's disappearance must lie within the pages of this novel.

But to save Cecily, Susan must place her own life in mortal danger...
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'You have to hand it to Horowitz: the guy never fails to deliver a total page-turner. Back in 2016 he wrote Magpie Murders; it became an instant global bestseller and picked up a string of awards. Moonflower Murders is the sequel - and what a sequel. We LOVED it.' Richard Madeley, Richard & Judy Book Club

'Anthony Horowitz is so good at pivoting his stories onto their heads, launching his characters in totally unexpected new directions.' Judy Finnigan, Richard & Judy Book Club

'Moonflower Murders: I'm blown away. He's managed to come up with something even more amazing than the last one! If you read Horowitz you will not be able to casually read other mysteries for a while.' Hideo Kojima

'There is no mystery writer whose puzzles make me think, 'Ooh, I can't wait!' more than Anthony Horowitz. He is a master of the cunning plot device, and brings zest and originality to the traditional murder mystery novel.' Sophie Hannah

'It is always a pleasure to read a new Anthony Horowitz mystery ... a wonderfully enjoyable read' Ragnar Jonasson

'I came to Moonflower Murders already a fan of Anthony Horowitz's unique and complex style of crime fiction from Magpie Murders... [I found it] very exciting to give her a voice, aware always not to go too fast because I couldn't wait to turn the page!' Lesley Manville, narrator of the Moonflower Murders audiobook

'So clever, a story within a story within a story. A triumph.' Kate Mosse

Crime & Thrillers
20 August
Random House

Customer Reviews

dylan6873 ,

Just as good as the first

I was surprised that this (the sequel to magpie murders) was just as good as the first. With its many twists and turns to keep you reading this book was amazing.

Mischa's ma ,

Moonflower Murders.

Another exceptional novel from the penmanship of the very talented Anthony Horowitz .
I would love to say I really enjoy his “ Christiesque” adventures, but the praise belongs entirely at his feet.
A superb read from start to finish and an excellent follow up to Magpie Murders.
Lots of twists and turns, clever narrative, but be prepared to hire a white board to take down all the clues, which are scattered like tasty breadcrumbs, that entice you further into the woods.
Well deserving of the 5* rating, an absorbing read.

sexabt ,

Moonflower murders

Absolutely boring no sense to book a great yawn just gave up waste of money

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