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Northanger Abbey is a hilarious parody of 18th century gothic novels. The heroine, 17-year old Catherine, has been reading far too many “horrid” gothic novels and would love to encounter some gothic-style terror — but the superficial world of Bath proves hazardous enough.

January 1
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Hensin ,


Underrated book. The heroine Catherine is so likeable and the tale is very entertaining. Definitely worth a read.

Saayafan ,

Teenage girls eh?

I so wanted to read a book about how annoying and self obsessed teenage girls are and Miss Austen did not disappoint. This book is so far ahead of its time.
Catherine is like "I'm sooooo bored" so she like goes to Bath, yeah, with some old people and meets Isabella who's like "You're my BFF!". And Catherine's like "Me too babe." And there's this dishy clergyman and Isabella says "You so lurve him". And Catherine's like "Whatever." And Isabella's brother is such a lying toad.
Anyway in order to dampen down all this excitement Miss Austen provides an essay on reading habits which does the trick very well. Then it turns out that Isabella and James, Catherine's brother, are to get married, but not for three years and then on the pittance of £400 a year which is all that James's father can afford. Isabella is way annoyed by either the timescale or the money. She starts flirting with the clergyman's soldier brother. Catherine goes off to the clergyman's home, Northanger Abbey, where she thinks evil things about the clergyman's father and the death of his mother. There are misunderstandings and overreactions and everybody's upset. Then everybody's happy. The end.
Another preudo-legal document from Miss Austen where every word and sentence have been so carefully thought out. Every word and sentence are to be scrutinised for innuendo. It is, happily, short.

Patsyloveselvis ,

Northanger Abbey

Found this book a bit hard going. Glad I have read it. Her other books are better.

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