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Sacred Silence is a novella in the award winning Grey Wolves Series. This novella takes place after Sacrifice of Love. It is the events that happened the days after Thia is born.

I thought there couldn’t be anything more evil than Desdemona, Reyaz, or any villain we’ve faced or would face. But there is. They’re called postpartum hormones. And, here’s the kicker, they have a minion called a breast pump. I read all the books I could devour on giving birth and then all the crap that would happen the first weeks of pregnancy and still nothing could have prepared me for this hurricane of jacked up emotional chaos or the fact that a machine would try to eat my nipples all in the name of trying to give my infant the best possible nutrition. Seriously, those things should be banned. If that wasn’t enough to make me lose what little sanity I was holding on to, let’s throw into the sadistic party my best friends getting a wild hair up their butts to kidnap my daughter. But wait folks, that’s not all. Somehow in the midst of her abduction she was dyed blue. Yes, blue. You might be thinking, ‘wow, Jen, that sucks.’ Yes, I know. But that’s not even the worst of it. Trying to keep my mate from maiming my best friends and their mates was hard enough but then Thia snatched out from underneath the noses of my besties and truly kidnapped. If there was an award for FUBAR first days of life, Thia would win hands down. Sorry, mini-me. I’ll try and make it up to you. But no promises. I’ll probably screw you up to the point that you need counseling. How about your dad and I save up some money to pay for that counseling. That’s practical parenting, right?

July 13
Quinn Loftis

Customer Reviews

momoesamae ,

Sacred silence

Always love Quinn’s books loved this one as much as the last one never want it to cone to end,can’t wait for the next one

Maryiaaaa ,

Loved this novella

I have read all of the books in the Grey Wolves Series and Gypsy Healers series. This book was above and beyond amazing. I waited so long for this to come out and when it did it did not disappoint. I cannot wait for the next books in the GWS & GHS.

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