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This prequel for the military/political thriller SPECTRE series features six high-adventure short stories that introduce Spectre and other major characters before the game changing events of SPECTRE RISING.

- Sneak through the snow covered hills of Bosnia with Marine Sniper Marcus Anderson as he completes his final mission.

- Join TSgt Joe Carpenter as his convoy is ambushed on a highway in Afghanistan. Under heavy fire, he calls in airstrikes and rescue helicopters to save his disabled convoy.

- See promising young wingman 1LT Cal "Spectre" Martin in his first flight in the F-16 as a 39th Fighter Squadron "Gator" as he learns the art of dogfighting.

- Watch Cuban Intelligence agent Victor Alvarez infiltrate a major Federal Agency.

- Ride shotgun with Trooper Sean Baxter on the highways of East Texas as he uses his keen attention to detail to save a young child.

- Follow Capt Chloe "Eve" Moss as she struggles through her flight lead upgrade sortie in the F-16 during a 2 vs 1 engagement.

Includes a sneak preview of SPECTRE RISING – book one of the SPECTRE series.

Fiction & Literature
October 13
C.W. Lemoine

Customer Reviews

Tubby2130 ,


I’m a follower of Lemoine on his YouTube channel, where he discusses his military career flying the F16 and F18, as well as his civilian job. He advertises his books in each video and I decided I would give Spectre a try. I normally read stories relating to real events, particularly by British Forces in The Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan so I wasn’t sure I would take to something he had just made up. Boy, I’m glad I did. Lemoine does a great job of making you think you have the entire thing figured out then throws a wrench into the works and snaps you back to square one. Defiantly give this book a go. I am intending on buying all of his books now!

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