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Discover the first thrilling novel in the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling Traitor Spy Trilogy from the fantasy phenomenon Trudi Canavan.

As the son of the late High Lord Akkarin, saviour of the city, and Sonea, the former street urchin turned Black Magician, Lorkin has a legacy of heroism and adventure to live up to. So when Lord Dannyl takes the position of Guild Ambassador to Sachaka, Lorkin volunteers to be his assistant in the hopes of making his mark on the world.

When news comes that Lorkin is in danger, the law that forbids Black Magicians leaving the city forces Sonea to trust that Dannyl will save him. Besides, her old friend Cery needs her as never before: someone has been assassinating Thieves, and when his family is targeted he finds evidence that this Thief Hunter uses magic.

Either a member of the Guild is hunting down the Thieves one by one, or there is - once again - a rogue magician on the streets of Imardin. And this one has full control of their powers - and is willing to kill with them.

Set in the same world as her global bestselling Black Magician Trilogy, Trudi Canavan's Traitor Spy Trilogy is a gripping fantasy adventure filled with danger and forbidden magic.


'It's easy to see why Trudi Canavan's novels so often make the bestseller lists. Her easy, flowing style makes for effortless reading . . . Delightful worldbuilding . . . Vivid and enjoyable' SFX

The Traitor Spy Trilogy:
The Ambassador's Mission
The Rogue
The Traitor Queen

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
6 May
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Mcauley2k3 ,

Another great book from a fantastic author

As everyone else has stated, the book is expensive but who cares? The book was brilliant and I can't wait for the next one to be released!

NemE5 ,

Too much!

Not at this price! Pity, I was looking forward to this after reading the sample.

Added 13/9/10
I see the price has dropped hence the added star. The book is very good, I know as I went and bought an actual book. It still cost less than this 'reduced' price. I don't think you get it guys. You CANNOT expect to charge more for a virtual book than a REAL one.

C'mon guys sort it out. Get this down to 5 or 6 quid and watch it fly off the shelves/servers. You aint gonna sell many when the real physical book is cheaper!

Added 20/10/10
Steadfastly sitting there and refusing to acknowledge the total dissatisfaction and advice from your potential customers will not sell more books.

Do what you know you must, get it down to 6 quid and watch it fly!

This is silly now, your customer base has told you clearly what the value of this item is; no amount of belligerence and wishful thinking on your part will change it. Heed the advice and make some money, or don't and remain the subject of ridicule!

Added 2/12/10
Still not listening. The message is clear. Tell me, how many you sold?
That'll be none then given the last feedback is dated over a month ago!

Why are you being so stupid? I have today bought 3 (three) NEW releases from current best selling fantasy authors for little more than you think you can get for 1! LOL

Good luck with that then......

Edit: 14/4/11
Well, it took a while but at long last common sense prevails. This is a cracking read and now at last is well worth the money. Pity it took so long and lost so many customers.

Katerisha ,

I love the story!

Full in love with all of them from the very beginning, from the book The Magician's Guild. I recommend it! :-)

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